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Maybe I just need a (Very Long) TV post to get focused on work again?

Looking for NCIS: LA, I accidentally watched (most of) The Good Fight on TV last night, even though I've only seen The Good Wife in promos.It grabbed my attention immediately and was surprisingly interesting and well done -- Christine Baranski and Rose Leslie are both 100% excellent -- but I shall be quite all right waving goodbye as it passes on to CBS All Access. Even if I were inclined to pay for CAA, which I honestly sometimes am because it's def. more relevant to my interests than Hulu and possibly even Netflix, I can only assume that once the exciting work-focused plot of the pilot is over, it will degenerate into the same sleazy territory its predecessor was known to randomly inflict -- and that with a loss of FCC standards, they won't be able to help themselves from adding worse language and even sleazier stuff. [edit: Tumblr just confirmed "more nudity, more swearing." There are all of two episodes out.]

But what I'm saying is, if you're cool with that, I'd recommend checking this one out.
Criminal Minds has been amazing this month, so much so that while I was still trying to pick myself up off the floor from 2x11, the next two fired off in such quick and extraordinary succession that I am quite at a loss for words and probably will be for weeks or months, and I've had to block myself from further episodes of the show until such time as I have the energy to make a "Criminal Minds, Starring Spencer Reid" post to round these 3 up in.
I kind of randomly gave up on watching Superstore after my last post about it. I never have time to watch TV on Thursday nights, and I always forget it aired until I forget one person I follow reblogs Amy/Jonah and I'm always visiting their blog directly instead of seeing it on my dash, so I get spoiled on the only good parts.

I'd still rather see them in context (or at least video clip form), but the show itself has been edging toward unbearable when anyone else is on screen. That's not even shipaholism, that's just -- remember when I said once that this was a great ensemble show? The show took that way too much to heart and just doubled down on showcasing all its worst characters and their worst traits, and making up creepy love interest plots. WHY CAN'T EVERYBODY ELSE JUST BE WORK BUDDIES ANTAGONISTS.
I watched the premire of Superior Donuts, mostly out of convenience but also for Judd Hirsch, whom I have missed, and Bonus Unexpected Katey Sagal, whom I shocked and delighted to see slummin' it on a CBS sitcom after years on cable. It was cute and serviceable and I will probably watch again if it lands in front of my eyeballs.

I'm told The Odd Couple is effectively canceled, which is music to my ears. I tried valiantly to suffer season 3 -- at least while it was on TV and I could focus mostly on the computer/work -- but man. That is just not a show capable of improvement.
I am still pretty much on a nonstop ship high regarding Scorpion, but out of impatience to get my Ship Fix as quickly as possible -- even though there are Tumblrs out there who will compile all the Quintis scenes without the chaff by the very next morning -- I've been watching new episodes on TV all the way through, and not hating them. For the record, I still feel weird about that given my solid 2.5 seasons of a "die Scorpion, die" stance.-
I have only vaguely been tracking Supergirl's trajectory this year, meaning I just hear Tumblr's pro-lesbian and anti-racism comments, but through them I've gathered there's a new white love interest so everybody's MAD and listen, this is not good for my contrary nature.

Had you let me form an opinion on my own, it's very possible I would also have ignored him. Instead, everyone is ragging on him for being bland, so it makes me automatically 200% more "I like your face." I am trying to resist/hold on to my neutrality because I don't need to be in another war zone fandom, but it's a losing battle. The show already tricked me into liking Jeremy Jordan's face for Kara, and this guy is way easier on the eyes than him.
Oh my gosh I have so many more TV thoughts and I wish I had jotted them down somewhere, because they all demand more detailed posts and I think I've already forgotten some, but...I have wasted over half an hour on this post already, so I must quit.
On a completely unrelated note, I scrolled through my profile today and was saddened to see strikethroughs on two of my 45 remaining mutual friends' names (exactly 9 of whom I have seen on LJ within the past 2 years), but way more upset to see the CSI Fanfic Awards community in the same status. Who deleted that and why? Literally for what reason could you not just put up a notice saying the awards are closed, and leave the rest of that history right the fuck where it was as a monument to the decade past? I am so Put Out that I felt that the need to curse for emphasis. For added emphasis, let me quote you a thing from 2007 Me that I'd forgotten: Nominations are now open at csifanficawards, which is a wholly awesome place and may in fact have been the tipping point in convincing me to create an LJ.
Lastly: Melissa Benoist and Blake Jenner filed for divorce (like 2 months ago, that's how behind I am) and I am mad (if not surprised) because gdi don't separate the pretty like that before I have sufficient photos of your complementary prettiness and/or before you pass it on to a new generation.
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