RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Wish me luck!

Night Work 2017 begins tonight. I have a handle on managing the two jobs together today, and probably will tomorrow, but after that I will most likely spiral into a maelstrom of exhaustion and never getting to relax or have enough time to do anything that is not stressing about my lack of time, in spite of my best efforts to Be Organized And Capable And Strong. I am already so demoralized by how hard it was to get everything done this past month even without the night job that I can't even come up with my usual plans of how I could theoretically manage my time, like forgetting Tumblr and TV exist -- I am just resigned to being miserable.

At least I finally won a pony. It's faded from pink to a nondescript cream/tan colored body and its symbols are so faded as to be nigh invisible, and I really paid more than I should have for a pony this quality, but I got frustrated enough to stop caring and was just happy not to be contested. It's a fuzzy pony (flocked) with almost no loss of fuzz, and for some reason I find his odd color endearing. It's not technically a boy pony, but the coloring has made me decide that's what he's going to be. "Buttons" can totally be a masculine name.
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