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Night Job is the same soul-crushing project it was this time last year, a/k/a writing, a/k/a EXTRA HARD, but at leat it's elementary school (grade 4-5) to start. So until they inevitably change that, it is at least less soul-crushing than Ultimate Doomsday Scenario high school writing.

Happy thought: I don't care much about green-themed St. Patrick's Day stuff in bars and restaurants, but when the grocery stores start to bust out their mint-frosted chocolate bakery items...it's the most wonderful time of the year -- and we are there.

Finally, in news that should probably be headlining this post, my student loan debt is officially down to 4 figures (yeah, that's me. the one who graduated 8 years ago and didn't even go to grad school). The more I pay down, the more hyped I get about paying more, and now I'm starting to get ~crazy ideas~ about having it paid off entirely by the end of the year.  Sure, it would wipe out my nest egg, but then I could start building the nest egg back up and have more disposable income in the long run. I just have to be willing to pull that trigger.

[edit: I've always been too afraid to add up how much student loan debt I started with. I genuinely never knew, I only paid attention to the number I had to pay each loan provider every month. Turns out my starting debt was $31,118.]


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