RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

2 Broke Girls catch-up

(this scheduled post represents my weak attempt to stay at least a little connected to TV during The Wild Work Times)

I haven't watched a new episode of 2 Broke Girls in an age, but recently I've been watching it in syndication again. And since one of the airings is not only in season 5 but also past where I left off, it might be good to process what I've haphazardly watched since I last left off so I can Officially move on.

And the Inside Outside Situation: this was such a glorious send-up of the *extra* entitled side of Genderqueer Tumblr that my laughter at it single-handedly knocked me out of the 2 Broke Girls loop for a year because I couldn't fathom how to form sufficient words about how delightful it was, and if I can't do that, then it is the mental equipment (??) EQUIVALENT of a python that contentedly digests its food for months without needing more.

And the Escape Room: I have watched this Alice-in-Wonderland-themed-escape-room episode at least 3 times and I'm still not tired of it. One of my all-time faves, despite the fact that it ends really randomly/abruptly (how do they get everyone out of the crawlspace? What was the ultimate *correct* solution for getting out of the room??). Also, Wacky Escape Room Guy has a face that makes me think I would be amenable to his face in a shipping context. Just noting that for the record.

And the Not Regular Down There: I laughed quite a bit. This episode is also responsible for my curiosity getting hold of me like an 11-year-old in her first health class and learning way more than I needed to about diphallia and related penile curiosities across various species (dammit, reddit).

And the Coming Out Party: There is very little I love more than seeing Caroline in her natural habitat, i.e. rich & privileged. Unless it's seeing her (theoretically) rich & privileged family members!

And the Basketball Jones: Cute enough. I don't actually remember what happened in this beyond the girls being courtside and spilling beer that makes the players slip, and I don't remember it positively enough to rewatch, but I obviously didn't hate it.

And the Sax Problem: I'm gonna refer you to Sophie's comments about jazz for this, and there was a lot of jazz talk. However, I did really enjoy the extended "hold my hoops" posturing between Max & Earl's ex.

And the No New Friends: I have twice tried to watch this and twice fallen asleep while doing so, mostly because I chose to watch it late at night while trying to fall asleep, but also a little bit because the pansexual sex cult is a bit much. Becky White started out holding so much promise!

Overall: I am growing so weary of Sophie & Oleg's trying-to-make-a-baby storyline while the girls spin their wheels.

And that gets me through January 2016, so now I'm barely a year behind.
Tags: 2 broke girls, tv commentary

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