RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Workin' the system. (?)

Me: Library, I would like to renew this book due today, since no one has requested it.
Library: Someone requested it last night. Give it back.
Me: Library, you already have a spare copy CHECKED IN at the lazy-ass branch that takes forever to process requests, why can't you... okay, no, it's cool. I can follow rules.
Sneaky Me: *requests the book also*  *then returns book to my home branch*
Library: Turns out it will save time and gas if we just let you jump the queue and give this book back to you instead of shipping it over to the other person's home library branch. You can pick it up whenever.
Me: That's what I thought.

In other news, work is due at 10 AM tomorrow and since had so much overdue that I was looking at 18 points due out of a standard 1-day total of 14, I resigned myself to staying up all night and napping tomorrow afternoon before night work. But I thought maybe if I was really efficient, I could actually get to bed by like 2 AM and sleep a few hours before finishing.

Only I came home from work, threw myself at it for 2 hours nonstop, and only got myself down to 12.66, while also finding that 3 I thoguht were fine are actually full of Problems and need email contacts and/or supervisor input, so it's rather demoralizing.

And now I am very tired, which does not bode well for either my efficiency or my ability to wake up early after an injection of nap.
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