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All The Pretty Pieces

I only have like 6 shows I'm current on, but my television life is such a joy right now that even though it feels weird and awful not writing about individual episodes -- and I am still determined that I will go back and do that -- I am bounding forth to watch them after work as soon as they're available, awash in contentment because even halfway through March, it feels like I'm always getting new episodes and they are always amazing. This is the life I deserve after the brutality of the past few years in television and the general shipping trauma I have endured, and I am determined to luxuriate in every second of it.

Ergo, a summation of my current happy feelings, separated by show and increasing in textual length as it goes on. [edit: oh, I forgot to list it but Madam Secretary also continues to bring the Married Joy any Sunday I feel like tuning in.]
NCIS: LA: Deeks & Kensi are still in a beautiful place 3 years strong, and now the show is also feeding my Eric/Nell whims. Slowly and still in a UST way, but an indulgent one, what with all the thank-god-you're-alive hugs this season. I can't promise Sunday's undercover-couple episode is going to be the Neighborhood Watch of Neric, but I am damn sure hoping it tries.

And that's not even counting the usual level of joy I get from the show mixing up the Core Four, because any way you pair them up, the four people in these two couples have stunning chemistry with each other. I'm not even sure I mean that platonically. Actually, I know I don't. This is the only show besides Glee where I have said with a straight face, "A threesome is a legitimate solution here."
Scorpion: I honestly don't understand how, but I am enjoying this ludicrous show from beginning to end. I can't just cut it down to the Quintis scenes even though Tumblr willingly does that for me -- I want all the team dynamics with Paige, Cabe; hell even Ralph has made himself useful to me at this point. (but not Sly. Sly can DIAF) I even want the full scope of their Terrible Science, which at this point I'm pretty sure consists of the writers asking the consultants, "Is this theoretically possible under the right circumstances?" and if the answer is yes, then they make it happen however they want.

But mostly, I am still here for Toby/Happy, who are wonderful and perfect all of the time, given that they have three speeds and three speeds only: snarky bickering, saving each other's lives, and mushy romance, all of which are my favorite.
Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: This just came back and I have only seen one episode, but I am already weepy with pride about how much I love our little IRT and how happy this beautiful, solid little show makes me. I can't even explain this rush, but that is some Damn Pure Good Tee Vee.
Criminal Minds: I am running roughshod over my own half-sorted post plans, but I will say that half of me HATES this prison arc...and half of me can't argue with what I'm getting out of them putting our baby through the ringer because he so pretty when he sad. His hair is looking particularly and unfairly gorgeous at the moment.

The physical threats are amping up too, which is basically like shoving cake after cake at me at this point.

Also, and this is just for me, but my intense need for someone to just hug that poor boy and the general failure to provide me with canonical alive women who don't treat him like their son or little brother has manifested itself in...shipping Luke/Reid. Straight up (no pun intended) slash shipping like a fandom commoner from 2006.

To be clear, I have been in fandom since 2001. Probably over 100 shows at this point. The only fanon slash I have ever shown any interest in was Sam/Blaine on Glee, and they met me halfway there. I am also the only known Klaine fan in existence not to move on to a new two-dudes OTP. Me non-crack-shipping two apparently straight guys is not a thing that has ever happened ever, so far as I can recall. I come from half a lifetime of looking in utter bafflement at people who do and just being like, "I don't...understand...what you are seeing? How does your sense? How can this possibly not look as platonic as a familial relationship to you?"

And, well, damn. I'm actually kind of fascinated by this phenomenon. It's like being able to understand text in a foreign language, or see a new color spectrum -- recognizing that even though it's not really there, their images pop on the screen together in a most aesthetically pleasing way. To be fair, I've been noticing that aesthetic since the beginning, because their collective attractiveness outstrips the rest of the team combined, but I was just giddy about injecting a fave Handsome Crimesolver into a show where I already had one of those.

Now, though, as much as I am waving my Alvez/Garcia flag with genuine hopes for canon one day, my brain really wants to marinate in the world of Reid having the sort of support he never imagined after getting out of prison. (I refuse to believe he's not getting out) I am very content with the idea of them forming a friendship, canon-wise -- the preview for next week has me pretty !!!! about the whole aggressive-threatening-on-behalf-of-his-safety thing Luke's doing -- but also. I kind of want a fanfic/AU option with more.

None of you will mention this when I get around to discussing these episodes unless I bring it up first.
Last but not least in the shipping realm: I read a book a couple of nights ago, All in Pieces, after reading this 1-star review that was basically a gigantic bat signal yelling “LOOK AT ALL THESE THINGS THAT ARE THE EXACT THINGS YOU LOVE AND DON’T HAVE TO JUSTIFY WHY. READ IT IMMEDIATELY OR SOONER." I am at a loss as to how to structure my GR review, because while it's not quite perfect enough to be 5 stars to me, this book is a giant snowstorm of hurt/comfort, basically all of it pre-kissing. I shot so far over the moon I actually had to sit down and write a list because my brain was not able to contain so much delight at once. This possibly not-all-inclusive list of great things the dude does includes:
[these are most definitely all spoilers from beginning to end, but how many of you really want to read this book, especially when you can just watch me flail?]

  • being there to offer rides or an after-school escape or just an ear to listen when she's had a bad day

  • insisting upon offering these things even when she is contrary and repeatedly says no because she doesn't want to depend on a guy

  • not exactly #flashin'cash but using his money to make things easier (e.g. taking her out to lunch that she can't afford herself)

  • inviting her over to his house and giving her a safe place to go, no questions asked, when her home life is too much to bear and her friends are out of town

  • being intensely Concerned upon seeing marks from where her asshole ex grabbed her face

  • holding her when she cries, like on at least 3 separate occasions

  • engaging her beloved little brother

  • having an amazing mom who basically adopts her on sight (and also adores her little brother)

  • inviting her to sleep over (as friends) to escape her intolerably lonely house, with Cool Mom's enthusiastic support

  • coming out and sleeping on the floor next to the sofa when her night terrors wake him up

  • being the one she runs to when her ex assaults her (lol police, they're useless, who needs 'em, are her exact thoughts)

  • taking her to the ER, sitting with her, being angry and upset to the point of his own tears about what happened to her, and insisting she come home with him (where are her legal guardians? no one seems to care)

  • climbing into bed with and holding her while she falls asleep

  • giving the dude who hurt her a serious and vengeful beatdown (and being careful not to get caught)


Tags: #flashin, books, criminal minds, criminal minds: beyond borders, ncis: la, scorpion, shipping

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