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An obviously pressing and dire post

Hey, Orphan Black fans, I'm finally in your house! Kind of. I was downstairs reading and my dad wanted to watch another episode of the DVD he and my mom were working on. I told them to go ahead, with full plans to ignore it, but I actually got kind of sucked into the story.

Here is what I know about Orphan Black: It's British [NOPE I GUESS IT'S CANADIAN], there are clones of this one woman for some reason, they all have vastly different life circumstances and are skillfully played as distinct characters by this one actress, I'm not sure if they all know about each other or not, and...that's it, it turns out I have no idea what the actual premise of this show full of clones is. My interest in it has always been non-existent because sci-fi + no gorgeous people or fave actors to override that handicap.

Anyway,  the episode was 2x03, so here are my first impressions, starting with the 2 things that immediately stood out to me:

1) Hot damn, y'all were accurate in your eternal demands for this actress to get an Emmy. I'm already gobsmacked by how much the clones seem not just like they're different people, but like they're played by different people. I almost don't even recognize that they have the same face.

2) Suburban Housewife Clone is my current fave, possibly because it's like an AU King of Queens (seriously, that is the most Leah Remini look), but On The Run Mom Clone's storyline is the reason I sat up and took notice.

I had tuned out most of the episode up to that point, but all of a sudden there was a Rugged and Fetchingly Bearded Man being told he was the father of an adorable little girl, and I perked up like a dog hearing the word "treat?"

The whole rest of the episode just spiraled upwards from there (instant #SHIPPIN' IT feelings re: the parents), with that dude getting more attractive by the minute, and by episode's end half of me was going "I DEMAND TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS NEXT" and half of me was like, "You know what, I'm good, I'm just gonna hang out upstairs in the AU where this nice single mom in need of a softer place to land and her cute little daughter in desperate need of stability bond as a reunited family in their little farmhouse out in the country with chickens forever."**

**gdi this sounds like I have to go research romance novels to fit a very specific need again. *SIGH* Why did I turn to this dark side. It's like when you need to scratch the itch for a new obsession by expanding your source material with fanfic, but harder. And worse.

But I gotta say, Cal ushering Kira inside and then aiming the business end of a rifle without hesitation at the Nefarious Agent trying to take that sweet child and/or his baby mama away is pret-ty high on my "hot damn" interests list.

I don't know what my heart is gonna do if I find out that something tragic happens to Cal. Or if Cal gets left in the dust again, especially without his daughter. Or if I find out she's not actually his daughter -- there are a lot of ways this could go wrong still. I'm very deliberately avoiding Wikipedia spoilers right now, because why would I want to introduce heartbreak just when I got my TV world all nice and balanced with rose petals everywhere?

P.S. I also really wanna know what's going on with Creepy Cult Prisoner Clone and the dead-behind-the-eyes General Davies of Zoo Season 2 fame.

Tags: orphan black, shipping, tv commentary

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