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For my 30th birthday, I was working so many hours that I didn't even have time to mention that milestone on LJ. For my 31st, however, Regular Work is being the exact opposite of what it was last year (i.e. I have only worked 16 hours so far this week. Pay reflects that, but it's worth the tradeoff), and Night Work is not only behaving but being pretty much the most non-math fun I've had at that job in years, so I am presently overwhelmed by options. My birthday is on Monday, which means basically, I just have to get through whatever work is assigned tomorrow and then I don't have to spend more than an hour or two on it until day after birthday.


  • Dinner at Red Robin (free B-day burger, probably with additional purchase requirements, but it's a place to go!)

  • OR: dinner at a fancier restaurant that Chris would probably treat me to

  • Noodles & Co.: coupon for a free Crispy treat

  • Local restaurant with a bakery counter: coupon for a free giant cookie (courtesy of the dentist I recently gave the kiss-off to for being weird despite the fact that the office was perfect in every other way, including all of his staff. Handy that it arrived the same day I informed them I had changed dentists.)

  • Caribou Coffee?: possibly a free or BOGO birthday drink? My dad and brother got something, but I'm not really sure how their weirdo Perks work anymore and I unsubscribed from their mailing list because I was tired of being taunted with "just show us this Perk on your smart phone that probably totally gives you unlimited data to take advantage!" offers. I don't know if I can just give them my phone number or email address to look it up or not.

  • Value Village: I have a coupon for $5 off a purchase of $5 or more.

  • Dairy Queen: Medium Blizzard BOGO option

  • MyThrift store: Coupon for $10 off a $10 or more purchase. I haven't been to this location since it changed from Unique to MyThrift, could be fun. Or could be terrible 'cause it's just inside the St. Paul border in the run-down urban area.


  • Visit the animal shelter

  • ESTATE SALES. (although there are only 2 within reasonable distance and SHOOT one started yesterday; I could have gone!)

  • Waaaaaaalks. In pretty places. I should probably suggest specific places to myself before I'm overwhelmed with the prospect.

  • Think of pretty places to explore in Minneapolis that Chris could take me to?

  • READ ALL THE BOOKS. (I have like 8 Interlibrary Loan requests coming in that have to be read within 3 weeks or returned. I can only guarantee myself one week of light work.)

  • Maybe I will obtain the appropriate liquor supplies to make some of these Fancy Grown Up Mixed Drinks I am drooling over in A Year of Cozy and Cupcakes and Cashmere and similar fuzzy-feeling blog books.

  • Obviously I'm going to have a cake at some point

  • And people are actually gonna give me presents too?? To switch to Tumbler vernac, s t o p this is Too Much

  • OK you know what it's after midnight, so I'm just going to put myself to bed for the time being and sketch out tomorrow's plan: get up early and shower, review and make contacts on work, get dressed, LEAVE THE HOUSE BY 10 OR 10:30 AT LATEST, and then I will have until 5 PM, during which time my plans are: stop at the library to print coupons / return books / pick up new books, visit 2 estate sales, take a walk, stop at MyThrift or Value Village, and if I have time remaining, Noodles & Co.

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