RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Birthday Weekend: Day 1

Me @ library front desk worker today: Yes hello I have...some...interlibrary loan requests to pick up?
Desk worker: Sure, let me see your card. Okay -- oh, wow.
Me, accepting the stack of 7 novels: :D :D :D

I ended up not falling asleep until like 3:15 AM, because I was too keyed up to go to bed until after midnight and then I decided to read instead of watching TV. So I woke up and got out the door later than hoped, BUT, here is what I managed:

  • Went to 2 estate sales. One was garbage, but the other had lovely stuff -- it was in a townhouse and full of mostly newer things, but high-end and tasteful stuff. It kind of felt like being at a Marshalls, if Marshalls also sold books and Fisher Price toys from the 80s. I had a hard time choosing, but I ended up with a lovely Benjamin A. dress and two books for $7 total.

  • The books were the gorgeous sold-at-Anthropologie The Stylist's Guide to NYC (I'm never going to NYC. But this book! I just want to gaze at its beautiful photos and lose myself), and a book by the only author ever who can get away with making a gift book, Susan Branch's Love from the Heart of the Home, whose theme is romantic / Valentine's Day recipes and sweet little illustrations and quotes about love.

  • Printed off my birthday freebie coupons and took my time strolling around the library, and then -- as you saw -- picked up what I considered a personal birthday package to myself consisting of 7 books selected from my to-read shelf on Goodreads.

  • Went to the dollar store and found some awesome special buys: Light Progresso soups and Del Monte Fruit & Veggie Fusion cups. They also had monster 16-count packages of PopTarts that I almost bought just in case I have any cravings for the next year, but they were A&W Root Beer flavored, and that is a gross flavor in everything.

  • Went to a quiet library closer to work, to cut down a few minutes of traffic I would encounter by leaving later, and journaled for a bit

  • Really...I could have done more with my day, but the good estate sale was just so much fun that I was too content to exert myself much more.

Other awesome things that happened today: We got free cookies AND ice cream sandwiches at work tonight.
Tags: life

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