RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Birthday Weekend: Day 3

I slept way too late, but finally picked up my disaster of a room, washed my bedding and 2 other loads of laundry, and finally finished getting ready around 3, after which I:

  • Went on a really nice walk with Chris / generally hung out with Chris

  • Opened my presents from him: Vanessa Carlton's CD "Lieberman," as requested, and a lifelong-since-adulthood dream: a pair of My Little Ponies. He had me bookmark several Buy It Now options I liked on Ebay so there would be an element of surprise, and all but one of them were sold by the time he ordered, but he picked out another one all by himself and got it right. It wasn't even one I had! Which would have been fine, but the fact that it was new was even more exciting. + They are both twinkle-eye ponies, which is wonderful.

  • Read a book

  • Sipped upon the bottle of hard apple cider Dad got for me as present

  • Opened my other presents early to ensure both parents would be present and alert for it, due to mine + Dad's polar opposite work schedules meaning we'd otherwise have to do it before 8 AM or after 10 PM tomorrow. I got a cute blank book that matched my birthday card, 2 tops, a pair of black leggings with a criss-cross cut out near the bottom, and these cute "skimmer" navy blue leggings with a white embroidered design around the cuffs]


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