RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Birthday Weekend: ACTUAL BIRTHDAY #31

I was awoken at 7:15 for breakfast, a full hour earlier than expected, which was frankly wonderful because even though I wanted to squall like a cat, the promise of a frittata was just enough to overcome my bleariness, and then I had what amounted to almost 2 more hours than I usually have in a day. And then...I did not manage my time all that well or do anything spectacular, but I:

  • got one more little gift bag filled with Spry mints, a chocolate bar and 3 lovely gel-ink pens

  • read a book

  • learned that the pony Chris picked out for me himself might have to be sent away for the safety of my other ponies -- I've read about but never previously encountered one with both regrind (discoloration spots like pink highlighter marks) and one where the plasticizer has leached out, making the pony's body hard and irreparably stone-like instead of pliable, the latter of which can apparently be spread via contact with other ponies, though maybe that is only when it's still sticky to the touch.

  • spent my whole remaining morning emailing back and forth with this woman about a shop that she ended up saying "nah too much work" about so it's going to cancel and nobody gets paid

  • finished 2 more loads of laundry


  • Had some Fancy Brie cheese with a side of raw baby portobello mushrooms for lunch. And maybe half of my chocolate bar. I'm real into saturated fat today I guess.

  • Totally meant to but forgot to go to Caribou to see if I could get my birthday drink by asking the cashier about how it works

  • Went to work (it was the last day of the Delightful Prompt, at least for a while), and came home to have cake!

And honestly, I know that I should retire to bed now with something nice to watch that will knock me out, or at the very least finish work, but my #1 desire at the moment is to waste a lot of time drafting part 1 of The Music of 2017, so I think you know which one is actually going to happen.

Tags: birthdays, life

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