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I haven't watched TV in over a week.

I actually have shows piling up on my tapes that I haven't watched yet.  I haven't done that in MONTHS.  Should really get around to watching them at some point.  Alternatively, I could continue to do what I've been doing, pursuing all things Harry Potter until that name begins to lose meaning.

In the meantime, I present you with a fun fandom meme swiped from poloparadise.

Pick up to three of your fandoms and answer these 10 questions for each one.
Three, you say?

1. CSI
2. CSI: Miami
3. CSI: NY

Question #1: What are your OTPs for each fandom? Why?
1. Grissom/Sara, because they just ARE.  Because there are a million moments of UST, deliberately written.  Because she never really gave up on him, even when she tried to rein herself in - things that are meant to be can't be shaken off like that.  Because he cares about her and has for quite some time, even when everything in his logical and rational mind told him he couldn't, and therefore he ignored it.  Because their temperments suit one another - she pulls him out of his shell and he keeps her grounded - and age is not the be-all and end-all factor in a relationship. 

And because we were totally, awesomely canon.  Well, maybe not awesomely, depending on how season 8 goes, but you know what I mean.

2. Utter tie between Horatio/Marisol and Horatio/Yelina, which is why it works out so nicely that the former appeared during the only time the latter was truly unavailable, and was gone when that was no longer true.  H/M is nice because she can provoke goofy little smiles from him at the high points, and he's there for comfort and solace at the lowest.  H/Y would be nice because I've never seen anyone deliberately induce so much emotional torture by resisting a just-waiting-to-happen relationship.

3. Mac/Peyton, because it's less blatantly wrought with angst and drama than D/L, and in its subtlety is far more mature.  It's very difficult indeed to resist the smiles they give one another, or the multitude of handholds, or the kisses.  Oh, the kisses.  *faints dead away, with contented smile on face*

Question #2: Who is your single most favorite character?
1. Greg.  Won me over with the line, "I don't know if you know this about me, but I'm a good listener," and my love's just grown in leaps and bounds from there.  And as much as I enjoy his sense of humor, I also like the darker and more serious Greg, namely in season 7, because I'm kind of a sucker for characters loaded down with burdens. 
2. Horatio.  I will never not love the fact that he's buried under seven tons of angst, but I also quite love his dry sarcasm when interrogating a suspect, and of course, the Eyes of Compassion turned upon any helpless or frightened victim.
3. Flack.  Hottest man on the show, gorgeous eyes, streak of loyalty a mile wide, and armed with an arsenal of snark.

Question #3: Pick a theme song for either your favorite character or your OTP, what is it?
1. No idea; somebody else should clue me in to a good GSR music video
2. I'm really bad at this, so I'm just going to steal the show's ideas.  Horatio/Marisol's song is Richard Walter's "All at Sea," and Horatio's alone is Lesley Gore's "Better Angels" (except when he's in Blind Revenge Mode, in which case it's Korn's "Coming Undone")
3. Brett Dennen, "Ain't No Reason," for Flack

Question #4: Favorite Episode?
1. Grave Danger, Fannysmackin', Play With Fire
2. Big Brother, Lost Son, 10-7
3. Consequences, Snow Day, Manhattan Manhunt

Question #5: Who has been your favorite guest star?
I don't really pay attention to guest-stars-of-the-week, so let's go with recurring "special guest stars"
1. Teal Redman (Ellie Brass, version 2.0)
2. Kyndall Rose Crowell (Madison Keaton)
3. Emmanuelle Vaugier (Dt. Angell)

Question #6: Favorite or least favorite Villain/Baddie/Mean character?
#1: MCSK! Closely followed by Ecklie.  Least favorite: Paul Millander - just too cra-zee
#2: Clavo Cruz...tied with Stetler, of course.  Least favorite, Supervisor O'Shay.  I still don't really know why I was supposed to hate him.
#3: I can't think of any villains I really liked, though I felt Gerrard was an exceptionally bland nemesis

Question #7: If you could cross any of these shows with any of your other fandoms, which ones and why?
Eh...I really don't know; I have a tough time imagining crossovers, but I suppose a logical one would be Without a Trace crossed with CSI: NY.  Plus thanks to that cracktastic survey, I have a disturbing interest in seeing CSI: Miami (a/k/a "Horatio") thrown in to that crossover as well.

Question #8: If you could write any fic slash, het, gen, anything, what is that ONE story you would write?
#1: I would love to be able to write something with Sara/Greg.  Realistically, I can't even hope to capture the essence of the original GSR, but I think I could find a foothold with the other one.
#2: Horatio/Marisol in a story with multiple chapters and possibly even plot (and lieueitak, I swear I filled this thing out before I saw your post).
#3: Mac/Claire needs so much more attention.  Do you realize I am the only person on LJ who lists that in my interests?!  
Question #9: What is your biggest meta-drama-wank issue?
#1: GSR vs. Anti-GSR
#2: The world's general mockery of Horatio, not wrong, exactly, but if you just look *past* the posing, there's a complex character in there
#3: D/L vs. Anti-D/L, rampant D/F slashers, you know what?  Talk CSI in general.

Question #10: If you could have your show extended for another five seasons, what would be some things you want to see?
1. *clings to all cast members* Nobody's allowed to leave!  For any reason!  Except possibly Brass!  Case-wise, I really don't care.  Oh, and Greg should be contractually obligated to have at least 20 minutes of screentime per episode.
2. I'd be very interested in seeing Suzie and Madison come back at some point.  And Yelina being reinstated to name-in-the-credits status, and the Rickster making more frequent appearances.  Also, more of Horatio's backstory.  YES.  MORE.  And NO, not the random-ass kind you have planned for season 6, the other kind, that you were gonna explore in season 4. 
3. There should be a new requirement of at least one "Mac + horse" episode per season (I really loved "Officer Blue").  Otherwise, more development with Reed would be good.  And if you could possibly manage it, have Peyton replace Sid as the full-time coroner.  Oh, and because so far I've managed to turn NY into The Mac Show, moreso than it already is...Flack should get at least two episodes per season devoted to his very own storyline.
Now I'm going to go ogle Patrick Dempsey and Josh Holloway and the like, because while picking up downstairs I found People's "Sexiest Men Alive" issue from the last November tucked under a pile of mail.  Having sadly believed this issue long ago trashed, before I could get my hands on it to clip all the pretty pictures, I am now quite giddy.
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