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Let's have a happy post

because I spent last night spiraling hysterically about change and potential loss due to people's unwillingness to just put their heads in the sand with me until I cried myself to sleep at 3 AM
1. Operation: Pay Off My Student Loan Debt By The End of 2017 is lookin' real good. The year is 25% over, and I have eliminated 25% of the debt I started the year with. Plus with test-scoring money starting to come in, I will be able to make a larger dent in it over the next couple of months. Words really cannot express my excitement here.

2. I got a really sweet handwritten thank-you note in the mail from Jasper's owner. She said she'd let us know next time they're going out of town so we can visit / walk him again.

3. No that's it I'm mostly just upset that I have SO MUCH WORK and I can't get going today because it's So Hard and I can't believe that it only took two days of regular work being back to pound me right into the dirt (but like. 9pm-2AM followed by 8:15-2:00 just to finish the stuff that was due yesterday, and then 2 more hours and I only got 75% of the way through reviewing and making contacts -- not yet editing -- the stuff due today. How...?)

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