RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

There are 2 things I regret about the fact that I stopped watching Grey's Anatomy:

One is that I am missing out on the handsome nature of Martin Henderson's face on the regular, and while he is hotly being a doctor and prime potential love interest at that.

The other is that when I run into a mighty need to throw my beloved crime show characters into complicated medical situations for a change of daydream pace, I have no pre-fab patient-of-the-week scripts in my immediate wheelhouse. To be fair, NCIS: LA gave me a real spectacularly indulgent hospital arc this year so I have less to complain about than usual, but I still really miss things like car crash victims, large-scale emergencies, and life-threatening illnesses with some proper medical research behind them. #elite first world problems #spoiled shipper problems

(I suppose I could mine old episodes, but somehow that's just not as appealing.)

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