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Dribble Drabble Thoughts

* I am still loving the current test-scoring project more than I thought it possible to even tolerate a writing project. My brain actually hums with happiness, and not just because I know I'm being paid a set and fantastic amount for my time.

* To be fair, my brain also has a side project going on where I reward myself after a certain number of papers by letting it briefly marinate in general NCIS: LA thoughts about Kensi and Deeks and Eric and Nell and all of their relationships to each other in both canon and AU contexts. (today's special: "Nell and Kensi, half sisters 3-5 years apart in a contemporary YA novel, go!") They are all just so delightful and good I want to curl my fingers in glee, as if this delightfulness is a corporeal substance I can clench tight in my fists and never let go.

* After my awful weekend and sub-par Monday, I knuckled down today and made a good bit of progress on work, 5.5 hours. Provided I start again by 9 tomorrow, I should catch up.

* Speaking of catching up: I am caught up on student loan payments until May 28th, at which point I believe I'll have sufficient test-scoring monies to knock out another loan in full, and once that is done, 2 of my 4 remaining loans will be under 4 figures. :D (this is my newest obsession. Once I loved TV and books and thrift-shopping, but 2017 is all about Obsessively Shrinking My Debt)

* After reading 8 books in 8 days at the end of March, and running out of library books, my reading flame went out with a whoosh and I was beginning to wonder if it would ever come back. However, I checked a couple new ones out last week, and while one (Wanderlost) was an immediate bust, Cherry Money Baby is proving a joy right off the bat. I've been regretfully ignoring it for like 2 years, lured in by its title and cover but assuming it to have some kind of lesbian awakening subplot, but upon further study I could find no such evidence of that, and it's turning out to be just what I hoped.

* Goals 2 Inspire Me To be Efficient And Get Through Work: library book sale (maybe combined with bringing Mom to go on a walk on the pretty trail there?), Herberger's Clearance Center, Goodwill on Tuesday because ti's the only sale day left, and/or maaaaaaybe one daaaaay being done with work early enough that on a Tuesday I can see a movie at the $5-on-Tuesdays movie theater on the way to night work.

Current  / Upcoming Movies I Wanna See: Gifted, Kong: Skull Island, whatever that wild new Fast & Furious movie is, and...oh damn, I wanted to see Zookeeper's Wife, but it's not playing at that theater. COME ON, WORLD. You finally made a movie out of a book I actually read and enjoyed before it was a movie, and you're hiding it from me?

Alternate options: A Dog's Purpose (if I feel like PUNCHING MYSELF IN THE GRIEF BONE...and never mind, that's only playing in the evening. I was gonna say there is also an animal shelter barely a mile outside my path to work that would work as an antidote), Beauty and the Beast (though I am pretty scarred by that Tumblr post -- but now. you are forced 2 confront the fact that a real human woman is falling in love with a lion/buffalo and just live with that discomfort for 2 hours and 10 minutes), or Power Rangers. If I feel like stomping on my childhood.

Tags: life, movies

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