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2 Broke Girls and the...Show I Have Always Wanted it 2 Be??

I mean, they haven't quit the diner, but they LEFT the diner for a while and good things seem to still be happening related to that trip. I've beena almost afraid to advance each episode, holding my breath for when this dream will shatter like all of their other successes (their own cupcake shop! working in an office! BEING GIVEN A MILLION DAMN DOLLARS). But also, I am pretty sure I saw Randy's name in a season 6 review somewhere, so...WILL it end??

Quick & snappy episode reactions, go!

And the Booth Babes: At no point while watching this 22-minute shot of PURE DELIGHT did I suspect it would be my last time suffering in the pedestrian NYC location for the foreseeable future, but boy, that would have been a highlight anyway. Literally everything about GameCon was magical (look at the Booth Babes and their awkward dancing!), but especially Max and Caroline cosplaying as the characters based on them (cosception!).

And the Story Telling Show: Just like I did not suspect that this seemingly innocuous offer from Some Rando to "buy the rights to her life story" being the start of an arc. I can't even count how many ways this suggestion would have gone in any earlier season, and none of them would been "legitimately connected to Hollywood."

And the Lost Baggage: and the super fancy free luxury hotel suite!! Also, wow, I am still not over Max having a Hot Older Man in her life. That she immediately falls in love with, more or less (I guess we're all just going to forget that Max was recently in Actual Love with Deke? yes? ok cool)

And You Bet Your Ass: yeah no thanks, Bob. Or the weird screenwriting partners. But a big fat YES to everything about Max's delight in standing in line for The Price is Right (I love her simple TV pleasures), Flo the Insurance Lady's doppelganger selecting her, and DEFINITELY to Sofie's Midwest Soccer Mom accent. I want that version around all the time. Also: goats in the diner. Adorable goats.

And the Great Escape: MAX + DOGSITTING = I'M DEAD AND DONE. But also, it was a great excuse to forget the Diner people. And showcase a Hollywood Hills cannibal. As you do.

And the Pity Party Bus: I definitely remember this episode having a party bus, but mostly I remember it having Randy's abs, and I am now prettty convinced that they hired abs first, acting skill second. That's not a knock on his acting, his abs are just that ridic. They are especially ridic for anyone over 25. (also, why am I not surprised Sofie turned out already pregnant)

And the Show And Don't Tell: The prison musical, Max's "oh, he-HELL yes!" reaction, the continuing saga of Max and Caroline's Dad's Forbidden Attraction, and of course, the gender reveal cake attempt...lots of great stuff.

And the Loophole: Randy showing up at Max's doorstep was kinda cute. Him showing up at the diner to plead his case (with Caroline cross-examining) was even cuterr. I really enjoyed her relishing her Good Wife moments, paticularly while refusing to assist a waiting customer because "do you or do you not see that I'm conducting a mock trial?!" However, nothing about the title real estate plotline needs to be remembered.
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