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Oh hey I know that date

Eleven years ago today I made the switch from message boards and the occasional fandom post on my main blog to a full fledged TV Blog on Xanga, a blog that no longer exists online but whose contents are preserved in the pages of this one. It is a calling pastime of which I have yet to tire.

And in honor of that, because I have no new TV in my head since 24 hours ago, I am actually going to be obnoxious enough to delete yesterday's post and move the contents here.

1. I have finished off season 5 of 2 Broke Girls, so here are the last spits of thoughts.

General Thoughts: I have not actually reached the point of shipping Max/Randy -- partly because my heart is 4ever with Johnny where she is concerned, and partly because somehow while they are both real individually purdy, the just do not set off chemistry in my heart when they connect -- but I have nevertheless really been enjoying the fact that it is now standard protocol for them to kiss 1-3 times an episode. And cuddle on the side.

And the Killer Apartment: well, that injury was too disgusting to ever watch this episode in full again. Even if it did contain a cute exchange of I-love-yous and a hilarious reunion with the bitchy ER triage nurse from the last time they were there (I honestly can't remember why or when that was, but I remembered that dude immediately).

And the Partnership Hits the Fan: The 7-course meal at the apartment restaurant made largely of baby and/or recently alive birds? A tad gross. Randy coming to find Max and offer support hugs? Glorious. I also got a kick out of the other kooky law firm partners.

And the Ten Inches: Not much happened, but Max and Caroline decked out in their best 80s Jersey Shore trash attire for the reunion was pretty great. (also: I still don't understand how "Dessert Bar" is going to work. Cupcakes are a real daytime food and the only drink you'd really want to pair them with are wine and lighter cocktails. But people generally go to bars after dark. Unless it's not going to be a "bar" atmosphere so much as just a bakery with a counter where you can order alcohol?)

And the Big Gamble: listen, full offense, but I think losing 1-10 toes is a real fair price for gambling money you don't have. I say this while being very much invested in a ship where one of the parties ha(d?) a gambling problem, so don't think my anti-Han bias is clouding my judgment. Anti-Han bias is saying they should have just left him to die. I'm just saying, his cowering and mewling did not trigger my empathy so much as my prey drive.

But that's it for my complaints. I have been dreading how Max/Randy was going to end, but I thought that was super well done despite being heart-punchy. (or, "That felt really goodbye-y.") Max was so giddy coming home to jump into bed and tell him about her impulsive new business venture in leveraging saving Han's life/toes to obtain part-ownership of the diner with Caroline, and then...that face. And the worst part is that neither of them are wrong. This is the most accurate case of "we're just at such different places in our lives" I have ever seen, and probably the only one I've ever seen where the younger member is over 24.

Also, Survivor this week: in which I have to suffer more of Zeke nattering, getting under my nails with his infuriatingly smug "I'm in charge" attitude, and be given blissful hope that perhaps everyone will come to their senses and toss him out on his ass, only for the one person I like as little as him to come out of left field and blindside my number 2. @#%&*%(&@!! The only good news to come of this is that now Ozzy will be on all the Ponderosa videos, and honestly I will probably get to hear him talk more,

Oh, also, Hali got voted out in the first half, as boringly as she played. But  was getting concerned she was going to win, so that was a relief.

Other Things
The merge feast was, as usual, fun to watch. No hidden immunity idol clue, though? Perhaps they finally realized they have Too Damn Many of those things floating around right now.

I actually LOVE the "cling to a pole" challenge, and greatly enjoyed watching Ozzy and Tai battle to the end with their superhuman monkey clings.

I am grudgingly liking Sierra more and more, if only because I get a kick out of the fact that she seems really comfortable working with all the big tough guys. It was horrible when she did so on her season, but now it's the only course that makes sense.

One of the things frustrating me a lot is how little screen time Aubry has gotten. Her alliance-mates keep getting blown out from under her, and consequently it seems like she's just been pushed to the background, completely overlooked in everything and having no chance to win even if she gets to the end.

It's been clear to me for a while that the Damn Boring people are going to take over and dominate this game, but I was so hoping to be proven wrong. Instead, there are now all of 4 out of 11 people I would be okay with winning this season, so that's...awesome. /sarcasm.

I would throw an NCIS episode review in here too, but this was most of my reaction to 14x21. I made it as far as Nick finding a bike in a garage before sleep mercifully took me, and when I read a recap to see if there was anything worth going back for, the answer was nah.
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