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This totally ruins my plans to talk about the season chronologically, and I can't believe I'm doing it even after I managd to keep a lid on it after Getaway, but now I finally gotta run roughshod over myself a bit to talk about part 1 of the NCIS: LA season 8 finale.

Me halfway through the episode: I am going to punch this show so hard if it straight up repeats what its mothership did a few years back.
Me later in the episode: ho don't do it
Me @ episode's end: what the SHIT is wrong with you

I just...what...who on this show sat down and was like "I really want people to fight me about racism this year; I feel like we're being left out of the conversation"??? I usually respect that every show has a right to tell its own story for its own specific reasons, even if it reflects a larger pattern, but when you are part of a franchise, the other shows count as part of your show. If one of the shows in your universe already killed the black wife of a main character with kids for shock value, maybe you should not also do that. Particularly not one year after you -- surely? -- saw the caine people raised about Abby Mills.

It's been an open secret that this was (probably) going to happen for weeks, and I thought I had convinced myself to be OK with it because I'm on a real "stay away from my faves' love lives and you can do whatever you want on the side" kick, the likes of which I haven't felt since Klaine, but I am full of piss and vinegar in ways I can't even articulate. Just...bad form. Sam Hanna has never done anything thing wrong in the few short months I have been paying attention to him and he does not deserve this. Their kids do not deserve this. Michelle's badass character absolutely does not deserve this. I can't even calm down long enough to be emotionally affected by it or analyze whether it was at least good writing / acting because I am so very DO NOT WANT about the circumstances. And trust me, under normal circumstances I would absolutely be an emotionally compromised mess about two people with dwindling hope and helpless sad goodbyes said over video feed. I'm running it with the other two couples right now (and it's terrible, I do not recommend it)

I will probably watch the real finale next week, although I don't know why because there's nothing I need immediate follow-up on right now and probably all it will do is introduce a cliffhanger to wreck my curren sated feeling of "yeah I can forget about this show for a few months." The only compensation I will accept to even partially make this stupidity up to me is if one or both of my ships gets to comfort each other. Like, that is bare minimum the toll I expect you to pay, and if you don't give me that then what even the hell.
Tags: feelings explosion, ncis: la

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