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Because if I wait to take photos I never will.

I found Lena Dunham's memoir in brand new condition at a (Catholic) church sale this weekend, which strikes me as very amusing. It was the last 2 hours of the sale ($3/bag sale time), so I took it. Officially it's padding for my sell-to-Half-Price bag, but the urge to just throw it in the fire is v. strong.

I also picked up a vintage Scholastic paperback I think I will read & release (King of Cats), and a Vertical Horizon CD which is also going to Half Price after I strip off the two singles I was just thinking about/remembering existed and wishing I had (Everything You want & You're A God). There wasn't much beyond that because the hours of this sale were STRAIGHT STUPID (4 hours Friday night while I was at work, then 8-12 on Sunday plus the bag sale from 12-3, and no I do not know how they stopped people from just arriving early and hoarding things until noon), but I was able to find the same ridiculous amount of clothing I always do (which is the main reason I get so PUMPED for this sale every year).

Things That Ended Up Not Working:
-super cute black capris with 3 buttons on the bottom of the legs, which ended up pinching around like the waist like they were a size smaller than stated, yet were also saggy in the thighs??
-what would have been my first pair of straight-leg jeans, which were both too low waisted and weirdly tight around the knees
-magenta cardigan which was way too tight despite being a large
-Lacy white v-neck cami with 3 buttons down the front that make it too bulky to wear under anything, but only fits otherwise on a bra size about 2 cups smallerthan mine
-Gray Adidas athletic pants, v. soft and comfy, but so slippery they literally just start falling off me if I walk around in them

Things That Did!
-slate blue-gray shirt with fancy buttons around the sleeves
-v. soft knit dark red long sleeved top with a long, slightly flared hem -- oh, serendipitious! It is actually just like the hemline on this top (x), just very different fabric
-long sleeved black button down with fancy buttons around the sleeves, which is a lil' too tight right now but which I'm keeping because it shouldn't be tight and I just need a little more walking and a little less overeating dessert this summer
-comfy oversized cerulean blue hoodie, because sometimes you just want one
-gray cargo-style capris which are nicely tailored instead of baggy
-a black v-neck cami

Things I Did Not Buy
-any of the no fewer than 3 pairs of purple curduroy pants (one of them was BRIGHT purple. it was the worst thing ever)
-any of no fewer than 4 tops/pairs of pants in things not my size that were new with tags.
-secondhand socks (no amount of washing makes another person's socks okay to wear. ever)
In retrospect, I can't believe I did not find one cute summer thing in the mix except the capris...but I am 100% ready to go for Fall.

Also, my mom found a really awesome green-with-thin-white-stripes Chico's blouse, and it is the most perfectly spring-like thing; I'm jealous. She also, by accident, bought a pair of size 0 jeans because she couldn't find the size but she could see they were brand new, and figured they looked big enough. The kicker is that the only found the size after she had put them on, ZIPPED THEM UP, and thought "gee, these feel a little tight around the thighs."
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