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TV Binge

Last night I had a dream about watching TV.  As in I woke up happy and content this morning because I'd finally watched the last two weeks' worth of TV and was ready to post about it and get it off my mind.  And then I realized I couldn't remember what I'd watched...because it hadn't actually happened.  >.< 

So I finally sat myself down for a good five hours and got through it all. 

'Pirate Master: Some thoughts gathered from the last two episodes (mostly the latter); no particular order.

1. I'm glad they booted Sean, since it really bugged me that Jay bribed him for a vote (could we please remember that the gold here represents ACTUAL BANKABLE MONEY?), and then he voted the other way with no mention ever being made of it again.

2. I have to say, I think that Azymth and his Boy's Club are one of the most interesting things to happen so far on the show, and I want them to continue.  Azmyth and Jay because they've wholeheartedly tossed themselves into the spirit of the game, albeit with less disturbing intensity/distortion of reality than Joe Don, and Ben because he's so darn cute, and I think he got lucky landing himself in a position where pretty much everyone likes him.  The latter is also, if my calculations are correct, the second richest on board right now (maybe the richest, if JD keeps throwing money away on those pardons), which is totally great.

3. Part of what makes this game so very dull is the cast's insistence that the money be divided equally among everyone.  GOOD LORD PEOPLE, YOU ARE ON A PIRATE SHIP.  Even Survivor pays on a sliding scale based upon how long you stick around, and when there challenges, only the very top players get the good rewards.  One of the most interesting aspects of this game was how the people with titles got more money than the other crew members who helped them find the treasure.  It would make you have to think before you nominated someone as captain, knowing they'd be treated better.  But if you take that away...yawn.  And it's really rich (no pun intended) when people like Kendra - whom I do like, but who is also clearly one of the weakest participants - whine about not getting a fair share.  Darling, if it were truly fair, YOU would get the tiniest sum of all.  In fact, you might even owe your team money for slowing them down.  

3.5. So yes, I'm all for Azymth keeping a larger share of the treasure.  He is less openly ass-hattish about it than JD was, and does not strut around practically smirking about how his lowly crew members deserve to be poor.   (C'mon, that was totally what ole JD was thinking)

4. Speaking of ole JD, this thing with Nessa just doesn't need to happen.  Seriously.  I don't know if you've noticed, but reality show hookups are...they really don't improve the quality of the show.  Really.

5. Laurel is still my favorite of all the remaining pirates; I love her attitude.  And her repeated usage of the word "freak" to describe Azymth, which is not at all off the mark.  But I gotta love Jupiter's crazy eye makeup, too.  In fact, now that I think about it, I like everyone on the ship except for JD and what's-her-name, the young blonde mom who broke down weeping about how she really really wanted this for *sob* her daughter to have a better life!  When she's not weeping about her poor daughter, she's barking orders like a soldier.  It's very off-putting. 

6. Yes, I'm glad they got rid of Joy, she was one of my least favorites.  Watching her stumble and stagger and appear to be dying was not entertaining race footage.

7. I am still disappointed that pirates are "set adrift" rather than being made to walk the plank.  Really, what's so hard about making them jump into the water?  They do it all the time.  They did it at the start of last week's challenge.  Is it that much more dangerous in the dark?

8. Lastly, I am weirded out by Louie's abrupt transformation from "JOE DON IS THE DEVIL AND HE AND ALL HIS MINIONS MUST DIE, DIE, DIE!" to "S'up JD, partners til the end?  Excellent." The man was out for blood from the moment Joe Don first took up the captaincy, but after it passed to Louie (and then away from him again), it was like shedding the hat cleared all the crazy out of Louie's head. Of course, he didn't shed the hat until after he'd used its power to cut Cheryl out of the game for nothing more than the unforgivable sin of, um, "associating with Joe Don."  Somewhere out there, poor Cheryl must be repeatedly bashing her head into the wall.  Or then again, since she's a take-charge kind of woman, maybe she's hiring goons to have Louie whacked.  I could respect that.
Hey, wow - for the first time ever, or at least since the top dancers paired off, I actually watched an episode from start to finish *and* paid attention to it all!  Meaning now I actually know who all the season 3 contestants are.  And I am beginning to care about the outcome.  I mean, just a little, and nothing will ever touch the masterpiece that was Season 2, but...I shall give a good and detailed review of the "Top 16" episode from the week before last, otherwise known as the most recent.

Pre-Show Thoughts, Stream-of-Consciousness Style:
-Cat's wearing a little black dress.  It's a cute style (1-shoulder), but it also seems to be made of leather, which seems like an odd fabric choice.

-I have no idea who Debbie Allen is [a/n: but by the end of the show, I will have dubbed her the Diana Ross of SYTYCD, a guest judge full of breathless praise]

-What is this, a public apology for trying to handicap Danny by labeling him "arrogant" before the viewers got a chance to judge for themselves?  I think it is.  I don't think it's necessary.

-Hahaha, Nigel makes me laugh with his wide-eyed "we got some real abuse about our decisions last week!" I love Nigel.  Overall this year he seems a bit pervier than I remember, but still, he seems to truly love this show, and the dancers, and the idea of the dance world in general.  So much more invested than, say, Simon, whom I believe I referred to last year as "the grumpy steward of Idol."  I still think it's fitting.

-Still...filler!  Filler filler filler!  WHY NEARLY TEN WHOLE MINUTES OF FILLER?  You know what I'm going to do, I'm going to...add filler to my review.

-Spot-on quote from Daniel's recap at TWoP: "No group dance this week! What the hell? That's easily my favourite part! You have to fill two hours, and you sacrifice Group Dance for Judge Blather? Booooo! Booooo!"

-I love this show's theme song even more, all the best clips from season 2 interspersed without sacrificing the best bits from season 1...though I do wish they hadn't decided to include Benji falling to pieces upon being announced the winner.  It's a mite girly, and not what I'd call his proudest moment. 

-Do you know what I said about this show last year?  I like how the rest of the panel goes on a rotating basis.  Keeps them from falling into roles/ruts.  PAULA.   Alas, then some horrible, cruel person decided that there should be two members of the permanent panel, and one of them should be Mary Murphy, the screamin', shriekin', redneck with the most disarming laughter known to mankind, subject of universal mockery.  Or at least, mockery in my reviews.  On the rare occasion I listen to her.  Which is never.  I fast-forward straight through her critique every single time.  And now, moving on to commercials.

-Ooh, first Harry Potter preview I've seen.  *watches in rapt attention* Yes, I know the full-length movie trailer was on the internet weeks ago, and I watched it then, but all it did was unleash my ire; nothing impressed me.  Now with just the little 30-second TV clip, all of a sudden I find myself rewinding repeatedly, going "Ooh, Lupin!  Grimmauld Place!  OCCLUMENCY!  OhmiGod, it opens at midnight, how soon can I reasonably expect to get a decent seat??  I don't care, I'm going next Friday!"

-And then finally I calmed down long enough to continue watching the show.  I think an update on my thoughts of the contestants is in order too, now that we've gotten to know them a bit better.

I really can't stand the term "B-girl" (or B-boy, for that matter).  At best it sounds like a really stupid nickname for basketball players, and at worst it makes them sound like second-string celebrities ("Oh, this isn't good enough to be played by A-list in the B-girl!") Honestly, what was wrong with "breakdancer"?  Did the dancers claim offense because they didn't actually break things in their dancing?  I want to know the story here.  Anyway, I really don't like Sara in her natural dance state, but I like her the rest of the time.  Like I said, she's spunky.  There's really no other word for it.
Jesus (STILL looks weird written out): The only interesting thing about him is the jolt I get whenever I see him, and realize that the reason he looks so different to me is because I do not see Hispanic people in my day to day life.  Like, ever.  It's a weird realization.
The Krumping: So...krumping is like hip-hop, only sharper and more aggressive, yes?  Let's say it is.  For one thing, I love Sara's outfit and want to steal it for everyday (or at least 4th of July) wear, as it consists of jeans, a white belt, and a red T-shirt decorated with some sort of delightfully shiny gold pattern.  For another, I'm greatly entertained by this dance, as it's less of a partner dance and more of a duet, two people dancing side-by-side.  I prefer it that way, and not just because none of these couples have chemistry.  Alas, the terrible music cut into my enjoyment of the dance, as the repeated "Yeah, yeah, yeah" sound in the background drove me slolwy but surely insane.

Shauna: I love this girl.  I think she might be becoming my favorite gal in the competition, because she's so refreshingly NORMAL - she is the perfect standard high school student, the perfect dance studio star.  Very traditional.  You know how I love traditional.  She is the only person (with the possible exceptions of Lauren and Neil) I can imagine actually crossing paths with in real life.  And it doesn't hurt that she is very, very pretty, with gorgeous long hair.
Cedric: I still can't tell him apart from Jimmy, and had to check about six times to make sure I knew which name got voted off last week.   It doesn't matter since I am not impressed with either one.
The Contemporary: First off, I adore Mia Michaels.  I mean, I think actually having to learn a dance from her would be terrifying beyond belief, because she seems like the kind of person who would get snappy and cranky if you failed to pick up the moves immediately and/or made a mistake, but she's an amazing choreographer and it makes me smile to see she's in charge of a dance.  (now, if only there were some way she could choregraph *and* be on the judging panel...)

Okay, okay, THE DANCE.  Wait, what dance?  That wasn't really so much dancing as it was acting.  If not for the slow speed I'd have thought they picked Broadway out of the hat; Shauna had some nice acrobatic stretches in there, but mostly she and Jimmy Cedric just mooned over one another.  Cedric was literally SITTING IN A CORNER for like ten seconds of it, doing nothing except looking mopey.  So I was very glad when the judges more or less echoed my sentiments.  I became distinctly giddy when the judges started specifically bashing Cedric, saying it was his time to go.  Hee!  Meanwhile, Mia's in the audience looking distinctly pissed.  Heehee.

Freaking hyperactive child with big round doll eyes that give her a look of perpetual shock and surprise.  It irritates me.  A lot.  I want her to go away now.
Kameron: With the mohawk tamed, he looks slightly less scuzzy than he usually does, but the thought of close-dancing with him still makes me want to take about three showers.  What I really don't get is why people keep fawning over how "hot" this couple is.  Seriously?  Ew.  When their dancing starts heating up I get the distinct impression that I'm looking at a child molester.  And then I have to take even more showers.  This may be Benji's sister here, but THIS IS NOT BENJELLE 2.0.  There is no Benjelle 2.0.
The Unexpected Benji Sighting: The camera has just panned over the audience, and I need to squeal "Benji!", immediately followed by a shriek of "WHAT DID YOU DO TO YOUR HAIR."  Did he shave his head and glue a bunch of straw on it?  Oh no, wait, I think that's just a blond dye job mixed with too much gel...I think I'd prefer the straw. 
The Quick-Stepping:
I approve of Lacey's glittery pink dress, mostly because anything is better than the previous week's burlesque outfit.  I do not approve of the physical closeness, but I must admit I'm entertained by all the bouncing and jumping and...quick stepping.  I am also baffled as to how a person can dance like that in high heels.  Sure, I can walk in them just fine, but dancing - FAST dancing - is another matter entirely.  I'm more than a little amazed by her skill, but I still don't see why people are voting for them.

HOLY COW she loves animals and her dream is to open an animal shelter.  Guys?  I have never seen Anya dance before, but she is totally my new favorite contestant.  At least on principle.
Danny: Never seen him dance either, but seems incredibly pretentious to me.  My dislike, it intensifies.
The Hip-Hop: Dan Karaty, YAY!  My second favorite choreographer!  Always fun to chat with him.  The dance, however, did not interest me.   Plus I am only capable of hearing one rap/hip-hop song within a 24-hour period before I want to cut my ears off, and the quota was filled with couple #1.  

Registers just above Danny and just below Kameron on my scale of "Male Dancers Who Suck."  He seems incredibly full of himself.
Sabra: Too damn cutesy.  Normally I'm a pretty big fan of cutesy, but something about her sugary-sweet pixie self makes my fingers curl into claws.  I think it's because that nice girl got sent home in the first week rather than her, and now I'm afraid she'll outlast the other girls I like.
The Rumba, which we HAVE had on this show before, Nigel, unless African Rumba doesn't count: 1) I despise the crazy little French man with every fiber of my being.  The minute he opens his mouth, I see red.  2) Um, UM, did Dominic just stroke his hand down her chest?  Like, all the way down between her boobs?  Yes, yes he did.  *barfs* 3) And then there was the song of choice, Pussycat Dolls, "Stickwitu," which is not a "song" so much as LANGUAGE RAPE.  "Ima stick wit u" is not acceptable English.  It's not even close to acceptable English.  Do you know what we call this when 12 year olds use it?  Chatspeak.  And it is almost universally considered unacceptable.  So, if you don't mind, that's three reasons Ima kill me a choreographer.   Later.  Right after I narrow my eyes at Dominic's post-dance action, and casually remind the world at large that anyone who feels a need to toss in extra pelvic thrusts earns my unending wrath.

#6, "Smokin' Hotcakes" (a/k/a the only couple of which I not only approve, but actively and openly adore and THANK YOU PRODUCERS FOR PAIRING UP TWO OF THE HOTTEST PEOPLE IN ONE THEORETICALLY UNSTOPPABLE SUPERPOWER)
She's fun and smiley and energetic, a typical teen but not in quite the same manner as Shauna.  More like a college freshman.  There is a difference in there somewhere.  Anyway, I love her to bits and feel bad that she started off dancing with the flu.  :(
Neil: There are no words for the depth of my adoration here.  Just when I think I'm tolerating the group as a whole, along comes Neil and BAM, suddenly they're waaaaay down there, far below him.  He's not only ridiculously cute, he's extra-smiley and goofy and generally extraordinarily likable.   And he really does look exactly like Eric Szmanda.  :)
The Tango: 1, I cannot believe I had to listen to Crazy Little French Man two pairs in a row.  2, I like her floor-length dress, but the dance bores me.  3, I know the ballroom dances are supposed to be sexy and all, but the halfway-to-makeout sessions in the middle of the dance are really getting on my nerves.  You know what else is getting on my nerves?  Neil and Lauren's lack of visible chemistry.  Come on,  I KNOW IT'S IN THERE!  JUST LIKE CHARLIE AND AMITA!  What I don't know is how to coax it out.  I suspect a contemporary dance might help, though.  That would play to Neil's strengths, and might make the expression of serious emotion a bit easier.   I'm beginning to wish I had rooted for Shauna to be paired with Neil; that would probably be actual perfection.  L/N is only the second-best possible scenario.  Which is still quite good, makes me fear that it'll drop them into the bottom three, where I could lose one or even both.

Hey, this'll be the first time I've seen her dance too.  Sweet.  I love her massive quantities of curly hair; they make her very cute.  Better than cute, she's now fighting it out with Lauren and Shauna for position in my "top 3 girls" triad.  ESPECIALLY after I hear her talk about being a writer.  Writers rock.  Much more than wanna-be astronauts or techno singers. 
Hok: Still got the British accent?  Excellent, then despite the hair, you're locked in my "top 3 boys" triad.  Well, it's not so much really a "top 3" in either case as "the ones I don't utterly and completely hate," but still.  Hok rocks, and this is my second favorite couple.  Did I mention how sweet his artwork is?  I want the picture of the crying giraffe. 
The Jazz: ...I never understand how they classify the genres on this show; I danced jazz for twelve years at my studio and it was fast-paced and sharp, best represented by what they usually call "pop" here (like the dancers on a pop music video).  THIS jazz looks like a whole lot of contemporary (or as we exclusively called it, lyrical) to me.  But whatever.   It's choreographed by Wade Robson, who does awesome routines despite looking disturbingly like Clavo Cruz

Oh!  The dance!  Far and away the most amazing routine of the night.  I watched it twice, which is quite a step up from my usual viewing method, "spin through on fast forward."   I suppose it helped that the music was beautiful, but I loved the way they really managed to remind me of birds flitting about.  I did not love Jaimie's weird hair-spike thing, but everything else was captivating.  FTW!

Er...I'm afraid I have abruptly soured on his accent, and indeed all Russian/East European accents, after subjecting myself to the piece of garbage that is "The Terminal."  I couldn't seem to stop watching the movie, fascinated by how it just kept getting dumber, and the problem is that I still have Tom Hanks' accent from The Most Annoying Character Ever grating on my eardrums from memory alone.   Pasha's voice, alas, exacerbates the problem.  He's objectively very nice looking, one of my top guys, but fails to make me swoon.
Jes Baby Oil: Blech, blech, blech.  That is all.
The Pending Doom: I...what?  Baby Oil's being taken away in an ambulance, for real, and not just having a case of the faints like Faina did during audition week? Oh my, I don't recall anything this serious ever happening before.  I still refuse to feel bad about calling her Baby Oil, though.   And...holy crap, this is awesome!  I get to watch Pasha without Baby Oil hanging off of him!  Even better, there's a chance to boot Baby Oil without even having to risk Pasha!  AWESOME SQUARED.
The Cha-Cha That Almost Wasn't: Um.  I take that back.  Baby Oil is a better partner than an overweight, middle-aged woman, as the more intimate portions of this dance keep making me cringe and groan "Ewwww..."  It's like he's dancing with his mother, or his aunt, and you remember what I fuss I raised about cousins Benji and Heidi getting too close for comfort....

So, as much as I'd love to be rid of Kameron and Lacey, I know it won't happen yet.  So I've decided it would totally kick ass if Cedric and Baby Oil were turned out on their tails, because then...*shivers with glee* then it would be Pasha and Shauna, and lordy, that would be Smokin' Hotness 2.0.  Okay, off to go watch the results and probably be disappointed...

Oh, and two final notes:
1. ...isn't it just slightly insensitive to say someone is going to be "dancing for their life" right after they've been hospitalized? 
2. Pasha and Anya look real good dancing together in the closing-credits dance party...can we put them back together at some point?  Please?
'Results: (more stream-of-consciousness)
-Delightful; I recorded on the crap TV because after having the tape ripped out and crumpled ten times in a row I was sick of trying to make Dagwood behave, plus I was about to miss the opening of the show entirely. As a result, the sound quality of the music is all wobbly and the image itself is of horrible quality, quite dark and a bit fuzzy.  THIS IS FRUSTRATING.

-Yay group dance!  Now it's kind of hard to tell, but while the music sounds very tribal and African, their face/body paint and costumes and the dance itself strike me as Native American.  The contrast, it confuses me!  But the dance was long and interesting, and Neil got to do some awesome solo jumps, so I am placated.

-5 million votes?  That's it?  Weren't we getting twice that last summer?  Doesn't Idol routinely break 20 mil?  I thought this show used to be successful!  Damn you, America's Got Talent!  Why is anyone even watching that show; how does the combination of Jerry Springer + Sharon Osbourne + David Hasselhoff not make you want to kill yourself after about five minutes?

-Sudden Realization Time: OH!  Do you know who Pasha reminds me of me?  Benjamin McKenzie!  Not a perfect match, but a definite resemblance, and his attractiveness quoitient just skyrocketed.

-Here comes Baby Oil, out to show off what the dance would have been like...oh, man, I love her spangly bikini-type outfit with the tassels hanging down.  And she can shake her booty like nobody's business.  This is hot.   It really is.  Guys, I'm gonna give Jessi her name back over this!  I feel certain that if she'd been able to dance this last night, she would definitely have been safe.  Also, Jessi suddenly reminds me vaguely of a shorter Mischa Barton, so it's like Ryan and Marissa and The O.C. brought back to life, and I love it.   *flails* PASHA + JESSI = LOVE.

-He sat with her in the hospital and held her hand?  FLAIL!  Okay, this is Benjelle 2.0.  Only better, in some respects, because Pasha is capable of pulling absolutely gorgeous expressions of sadness.  And I'm getting dangerously close to real-person shipping for the second time in my life.

-Here come the solos...OH DEAR GOD NEIL IS LOVE.  *forgets Pasha entirely* I can't even describe what those leaps do to me, although "take my breath away" is a good start.  My mouth is literally hanging open.  He's totally safe.  Excellent.

-DAMN, Danny has got some legs on him.  And extremely fantastic leaps.  Like whoa.  But he still strikes me as smug and cocky, and I don't like that.

-Okay, I'm just going to skip over the other individual solos for now and talk about them as they relate to the results. Right now, I have to hit the fast-forward button because ewwwwww, Fergie.  Why is she famous, exactly?  Doesn't she just scream "trailer trash" to you?  It's not even that I want to call her slutty, it's just that she reminds me of Anna Nicole Smith in terms of freakyness.  Rapping does not earn you a lot of respect in my book, see.

-The Heartbreaking Girl Results: I have a bone to pick with Nigel saying none of them were good enough - yes, the boys were better overall, but I thought Sara actually did a pretty fine job, showing off a good repetroire of her breakdancing skills.  Lauren was decent once she got going, even if it did take her too long to get there.  Neither Jessi nor Anya particularly impressed me; the former I thought might be taking it easy so as not to overexert herself, which only works if someone else sucks worse.  Fortunately, there was Anya.  Jessi managed to get in a couple of good moves and end in the splits, while Anya's only trick was that slow backwards somersault.  The rest of it was just moving and swaying.  I really thought Anya was going home, but...NO!  IT'S JESSI!  Boooo.  I suspect the judges just didn't want to risk another week of her fainting on them, that's what I think, and they were predisposed to send her home unless she completely knocked their socks off. 

-Her farewell montage is making me sad...eeh!  She and Pasha were SO GOOD TOGETHER in ways I never saw before!  You cannot do this to me; I waited WEEKS for her ejection, and now - now, just when I fall in love with her - NOW you cut her loose?  *headdesk*  For the first time ever, I really believe Jessi's sincereity when she says this was the experience of her life.  And I'm really glad she got to be on the show.

-The Less Heartbreaking Guy Results: Jesus goes home.  Aww, I was thinking to myself that his solo was actually pretty fantastic.  And it was.  But like the judges said, in comparison to the two he was up against, he simply wasn't as good, and even though I don't like Danny it would have been criminal to let him go tonight instead, so...bye, Jesus.  I won't really miss you that much. 

-*perks up as Cat gives the final farewells and camera pans over to remaining contesants, who all look sad* OI!  Looklooklook!  Neil has his arms around Lauren and the sparks, they are a-flyin'!  CHEMISTRY, SHE HAS BEEN FOUND.  Told ya.  ;)

Bring on next week!  Er...tomorrow night, woo!
All right, we've covered Wednesday and we've covered now it's time to hit Friday.  Standoff whee!

1x15, Lie to Me
Episode: 7
Cute Meter: 9.5
(10's are reserved for episodes like the season finale of The X-Files, or the Abby's-stalker episode of NCIS.)

I'm going to go out on a limb and say this was the second best episode of all.  Well, I mean, I really loved episode three, the Shanghai one, which had not only pillow talk but the most interesting situation to date and the only one I might want to watch twice, but the Cute Meter in Lie to Me was almost through the roof. 

I saw the opening Matt-n-Emily scene for the first time a few weeks ago, and it did indeed make me bounce all around the room and give me happy dreams for about a week afterwards.  It's just so...ACK IT'S PERFECT.  It's such an Emily thing to skirt around saying it and have to couche the words within a kind of game.  On that note, there is a delightful amount of character revelation in there - "I got my high school girlfriend pregnant" probably just launched a dozen fanfics, while we're now free to debate over whether this is really the first serious relationship Emily's ever had. 

But just the way she says "I love you," so quietly it's almost inaudible, is one of the best deliverances of the phrase I've ever heard.  PERFECTION.  And then there's Matt's hilarious stare, and the laughing against the kiss, and it's all so very cute.  Well, not all of it.  I'd have liked an abrupt cut-off after she says "That's my secret," because even though they are quite a fun couple, I liked the serious tone rather than him getting his caveman on and carrying her striaght to bed.  But I will forgive, because her shriek of laughter when he throws her down is infectious.  And also, because it becomes an important plot point later.

Sekrit cameras and sex tapes on the news, heehee!  And you thought you'd seen the worst when Matt broadcast your relationship status over a megaphone.  Poor Emily, this is just not her day.  And with the revelation of the sister in prison comes about a hundred fanfics.  Stupid FOX, canceling the show...they were setting up for future seasons here; you know they were.   Anyway.  Emily's sister, despite being a haggard-looking inmate, is almost prettier than Emily is, and I like her.  I also like how this revelation causes flareups between Matt and Emily, because...the former gets hotter when he's angry.  I don't know why, he just does. 

As far as the actual revelation of what Emiy lied about, I was really, really disappointed.  I'm getting so tired of child molester storylines in crimeshows.  Plus I was really gunning for it to be a newbie mistake, something she'd said when she first got on the job that wasn't technically a lie, but a bending of the truth, the kind they're allowed to do to save hostages (like "we're working on getting you your escape helicopter") but which the HT could consider a lie.  But her telling a molester about to commit suicide that it isn't worth it, and life is the better option?  Yes, that's a lie.  Daeth is *not* always worse than life.  Life frequently sucks.  Spending half or more of your remaining life in prison would definitely suck more than a quick death, depending on how much you fear the rumors of God's wrath for suicides.   Stupid Emily. 

And finally, rounding the cute meter up that final half point was the ending scene, Matt walking Emily out with his arm around her shoulders, heads bent together. AW!  *wibble* I love this show...seriously, please release it on DVD, I will buy it as a Christmas present for myself.

Also, does anyone know what song was playing at the end?  I want it.  Very much
.  "9 Crimes" by Damien Rice.  That man is everywhere.

1x16, The Ex Factor
Episode: 4
Cute Meter: 4

Oh yes, definitely setting up for future seasons.  Cheryl got her first central storyline!  Alas, it was boring.

What wasn't boring, though, was the opening Matt-n-Emily scene I feel a need to transcribe.
Matt: Yeah, this isn't gonna work. 
Emily: Are you serious?
M: I sit in the blue chair, you sit in the red chair; that's how we do it.
E: Why can't I sit in the blue chair?
M: Because blue is for boys and...the red is practically pink.
E: Red is a primary color; it's an aggressive male color. You should be happy to have red.  Besides, my seat is warm, so...suck it up.
M: *stares* "Suck it up"?
E: Yeah, suck it up.  I got blue.
(Cheryly impatiently raps on the window of her office, glaring, and beckons them to join her)
E: *nonchalantly* Oh, look.  Our fight is disturbing Cheryl.  See?  This is the reason she said we shouldn't date.

Hee.  Okay, I lied; Cheryl's storyline wasn't completely boring.  I loved Frank gossiping about it, I loved Matt smacking him down, and practically hissing at Sam every time they were in the same room together...Matt is delightfully protective of Cheryl.  Aw.  And of course, punching is always enjoyable.  And then Sam dies in Cheryl's ams.  That ended up being kind of depressing somehow. Odd.

Oh, and finally, Daniel Radcliffe was on Leno last night.  For some reason, I hate watching interviews on talk shows; I always get embarrassed for the actors because I worry that one side is deviating from the rehearsal script and either the actor or the host is getting caught off guard and being forced to improvise and/or discuss something they don't want to.  It's a weird quirk of mine.  Anyway, I was really just hanging around for the movie clip, and now that I have seen the bit with the D.A. and all their pretty pretty patronuses, I am even more under the spell of wanting to see this movie ASAP.  I'm afraid that seeing it before I read book 7 will give me a total HP overload, but I'm even more afraid that after I read the book I'll be too dazed and obsessed with that to care about the movie.  So I'm going to break my give-a-blockbuster-3-weeks rule, and risk potential crowds to see it next week, either Thursday or Friday. 
Tags: harry potter, pirate master, standoff, sytycd, tv commentary

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