RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Survivor wrap before the finale

In chronlogical order, various thoughts from the past 4 episodes:

* Very pleased that Aubry finally got to do something, specifically because that something was being smugged at by Debbie one too many times and finally going "aw, hayle no, time to take out the trash just like I did last time."

* I'm really surprised Michalea wasn't picked to compete in the reward challenge. Like...there's strategic game play, and there's ignoring one of the most athletic people out there for a very physically demanding challenge. Maybe try to focus on winning. Fist bump to Michaela.

* No fist bump for that weird, schmaltzy, endless You Can Do It, We Are So Proud Of You For Overcoming Your Great Struggle With Self Doubt thing with Cirie. You're acting like she managed to help her team come from behind and win on a broken ankle. Instead there was a just
a weird inspiration-porn segment and people making way too big a deal over an embarrassment that should have been quietly ignored.

* Zeke being voted out was both my favorite day and one of the deciding factors in ranking Andrea firmly above Sarah on my totem pole of favorites. Sarah's generally frickin' irritating squirrellyness, side-switching, and weird devotion to Zeke (how do you tolerate his constant cheeky smugness) helped her sink herself down further.

* On the family reward, I have a lot of feelings:

  • Aubry's sister is exactly as wonderful as she is. I am so happy they got to have the reward together, and super annoyed that the family reward did not get enough focus. Or maybe it did. I watched 3 episodes in one night while very tired, so I may not be remembering this super well, but I feel like I did not get to hear her talk at all.

  • I wanted to like Tai's boo Mark, but they just looked...really weird together. Maybe Mark is just a very awkward person. IDK, it was unsettling. They did not look properly matched.

  • Sierra and her dad are still sweet


  • Sarah's breakdown of joy at seeing her husband is the only time I have been able to tolerate her this season; i'm glad they got to share reward

  • Michaela's mom looks awesome, and I am yet again pissed on Michaela's behalf. Kick ALL the boxes, girl, you deserve it. Also, my heart ripped in half when all the desperados were crying and pleading to be picked while she just had this very quiet "I'd like to go too," like some sort of classic Victorian orphan who knows she has no chance.

  • It was nice to see Monica Culpepper again.

* I was really starting to like Sierra a whole bunch, like possibly enough to push her above Michaela and maybe even Cirie!!, so sucks to lose her. On the bright side, now I can finally watch Ponderosa again. [edit: I'm watching hers right now, and holy hell, how tall is she / how much muscle tone does she have that her skinny butt weighed 165 pounds going in?] [edit 2: 6'1, apparently. damn. I knew she was tall, but somehow I did not imagine her to be over 5'9]

* Aubry commenting "my boyfriend" after Jeff mentioned that Cochran had previously set the record in the house-of-cards challenge gave me a lot of feelings. Even before Jeff started teasing about a little "Survivor crush." Also I am mad all over again that frickin' Debbie got to talk to him on Exile Island Ship instead of Aubry.

* Aubry crying after Andrea got voted out, when her day started with her feeling awesome about winning immunity only to have her alliance kicked out from her under like it has been roughly EVERY THIRD VOTE this entire season made me sad. I feel like she has no shot at winning this year even if she gets to the end, and I actually think I want Cirie to win, but if that's not an option I really want Aubry to come out swinging so hard that she pulls it off anyway,

* I still don't understand how the hell Michaela ended up being voted out this week. Like there was literally zero discussion or after-the-fact explanation. I am too tired to look up recaps. EXPLAIN THINGS IN THE SHOW.

* I am so out of it that I didn't even know when the finale was before tonight (eff you CBS for not starting this season until MARCH), but since we have our Final(e) Six, I should make my final ranking of the order in which I want / would be okay with them winning.

1. Cirie
2. Aubry

All other options are stupid, actually, but I might as well continue:
3-4. Brad or Troyzan. They are literally completely interchangeable to me at this point.
5. Tai, who generally aggravates me as a player every time he opens his bewildered mouth and wonders what's going on.
6. Sarah. who is making me grind my teeth with her nasal whining, her screwing over everyone in her path, and her general sense of entitlement. Like, I thought we were free of the category "The Wooooorst," but I'm seriously considering adding her to it.
Tags: survivor, tv commentary

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