RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

*delighted yelping*

So I was reading my review/research process for What Do You Do With a Kinkajou? again, and again wondering if Alice Gilborn has dementia or something, because she's alive but I cannot figure out how she has no internet presence and apparently had no involvement in the hullaboo surrounding the sale and destruction of her childteenagehood home, when her name kicked up a SHINY NEW SEARCH RESULT:

A few months after I read it, she republished the book for its 40th anniversary! Albeit in a small independent print run, but it apparently has photos, including a map of the property, and a new afterword explaining the history and fate of the property! (so basically all the legwork I did a year ago to research & inform future Goodreads readers, lol. but this is better, because primary source. also I did not have a map)

And I want it, I want it bad. It is the height of folly, unless you have plenty of storage space, to own multiple copies of a book just because you like the difference in editions, but I don't even care. I might buy it? I'm just so happy. This book is amazing and I want to support it in all incarnations.
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