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The upfronts dust has settled, and it's not too bad.

Though I was kind of bummed to accurately predict, my babies at CBS that were not prematurely saved were kicked out, a.k.a. 2 Broke Girls and Beyond Borders. And The Great Indoors, but actually I have no feelings about that beyond mild annoyance that now people will feel justified in whining about people negatively stereotyping millenials. Last Man Standing over on ABC is also canceled, which is a bummer, but 6 seasons is like 5 seasons more than I would have expected it to get, so that's a decent run (can conservatives please stop whining that this is a silencing tactic; this is like the easiest thing in the world to not get a reputation for being irrational about).

2BG I'm told ends satisfactorily, but still not in a way that was planned as a series finale and it always makes me sad when casts/crews don't know they're never going to see each other again after the wrap party (plus we never got to see Max's mom! though that means she can still be Joely Fisher instead of Cher, as they apparently wanted to cast).

Beyond Borders makes all the parts of my heart sad, because while I haven't seen the last 2 episodes yet, I thought it was just as great as last year, if not better. I thought it was going to play well internationally, at least enough for CBS to continue 13-episode spring filler seasons, but in retrospect maybe other countries did not actually enjoy watching Americans swoop in and save the day all the time. Still, boo. I love this whole cast, and I was not done being delighted in the fact that Alana de la Garza and Adam Rodriguez ended up in the same TV universe again.
Other Things I Am Happy [or at least not angry] To See Renewed

  • Law & Order: SVU (which I am way behind on but still, GO FOR YOUR PARENT SHOW'S LONGEVITY CROWN. U CAN DO IT. Get renewed at next year's upfronts and you tie it up!)

  • Superstore (even if I have basically relegated it to YouTube Shipping Tour status)

  • Supergirl, maybe; IDK, I guess I am more happy about this than not, mostly because I still don't think I can trust Melissa Benoist to choose quality projects and here she's safe. (2 goodies in a row is still not enough to make up for Tumblr showing me her in Homeland.)

  • The Goldbergs, for my boyfriend, even though he's at least a year behind now

  • The Good Place. I guess. I am still very grudging about admitting I have seen then when I haven't seen shows I actually want to see.

  • Man With a Plan and Kevin Can Wait are, uh, not the comedies I would have saved over The Great Indoors. That said, they definitely fit CBS's tone better, and they hold your attention better than TGI, which I admit could be a tad slow.

  • Superior Donuts is. So yay!

Things That Were Renewed And Make Me Yell "BUT WHY"

  • I am baffled, utterly, as to how Once Upon A Time is renewed with half its main cast missing and why they would do this / very glad I never ended up getting into it.

  • Modern Family. Which now has more seasons than The Office. I very angry that I'm going to find someone to kill just to prove [whoever likes this show] wrong. (I would link to the Scrubs quote but I gotta stay off YouTube lest I be spoiled on Survivor)

  • X-Files is getting another season. Admittedly, I was told via Tumblr that there is no actual solid concrete proof in canon that Mulder and Scully broke up so you could probably ignore Carter's lies if you wanted, but a) I am still too angry to ever let "season 10" land in front of my eyeballs on principle, and b) another season gives Carter twice as many opportunities to make sure his headcanon is clear canon and also worse than expected.

  • MacGyver. WHY IS ITS TERRIBLE CHEESE REWARDED. I mean, I realize this is basically what I yelled about Scorpion before that show turned into my new favorite. But this one definitely does not have a quality romance going for it, so no dice.

  • Riverdale. Did we...did we not agree that this was a hideous mess of source material assassination and deliberate queerbaiting?

  • Supernatural, because it's apparently taken on the qualities of its name and cannot be killed through mortal means. I cannot believe this (well, and Marvel Universe) is the one fandom still alive and kicking on LJ.

Things Not Previously Mentioned That I Am Happy To See Canceled

  • Scandal (will finally take its dullness mixed with anti-christ shipping tendencies off the airwaves after one last season)

  • The Odd Couple (it is now official, and music to my ears. free the cast for better things!)

  • The Real O'Neals, i.e. go and do better comedies, Martha Plimpton!

  • No Tomorrow (hah! finally, Galavant's dumb face will be out of my life)

  • The Mindy Project. Well, not canceled so much as "allowed to end after one more season," but at least it will be done and maybe Mindy can be in something that doesn't run her OTP into the ground after cursing it with a baby. (AND IT WASN'T EVEN MY OTP I was just that annoyed at its handling)

Other Things It Seems Noteworthy to Mention Were Canceled

  • Scream Queens. Time for a 50/50 shot on whether I will enjoy or hate Lea Michele's next project.

  • Powerless. Tumblr is like "BECAUSE RACISM," and I'm just like, "why could we not let this one show taking a stand against superheroes exist." I never saw it, but I thought I might want to.

  • Timeless, which was actually only canceled for a day until they went back in time and got it un-canceled, which is the most epic thing since Moonlight won Best Picture after losing it for two minutes.

  • Reign, although this was announced a while back. I gave up on my "I'll watch it SOMEDAY" plans about 2 seasons ago and just let Tumblr spoil me on everything always, so it feels like I watched it. But without the gross graphic parts.

New Show Intel

  • I want the Big Bang Theory prequel series to crash and burn. Sheldon's love for Amy is the only thing that makes that character tolerable.

  • American Idol is somehow being "revived" (albeit on a new network) after literally one damn year off the airwaves and I am very head-desky about it.

  • Beyond that I have basically no idea what new stuff is happening at all and it feels awesome.

  • Oh! Except someone's doing a live production of Rent and I COULD NOT BE MORE EXCITED. Unless I find out it's based on the move script rather than the original stage script; then I could be more excited. But either way, good enough.

There. I hope you have enjoyed this year's edition of "Rainbow Stevie's Upfronts Post: Never The Same Style Twice!"
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