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Blew 4 months' worth of clothing budget in 1 place & I'm not even sorry.

Between a desire to conserve money for student loans, an attempt to clean out my bursting wardrobe, and the fact that I'm struggling to fit into half of said bursting wardrobe / was trying to use the "soon you can go shopping in your own closet!" as incentive to change this fact, I have bought very, very few clothes this year.

However, I've also reached the point where I'm wasting tons of time every day raging in attempt to find something that still looks good, plus I have paid off so much principal that I've shaved at least $70 off my minimum monthly payments, so I let myself go to Savers on Sunday for the 50% off Memorial Day sale on clothes & shoes. I missed this shopping-with-planned-abandon feeling so much that I spent 3.5 hours there. I would have stayed longer, except that I had other stuff to do.

(prices shown are what I paid)

In retrospect, my main goal was to get more short sleeved shirts or summer dresses and I found...exactly one short-sleeved top...but oh well.

1. White tennis shoes, brand unknown: $2.50. They were the newest looking pair there, so they must be a crappy brand to be priced that low, but...I have such horrible luck with tennis shoes and such deep need for them due to all the long-distance walking I do that I can't afford to hope a $40+ new pair won't give me blisters, like they have in the past.

2. White Croft & Barrow faux-leather sandals with a faux-suede base, $4.75. I HAVE WANTED WHITE SANDALS FOR SO LONG.

3. Long-sleeved knee length navy blue Lila Rose fall/winter dress, $6.50.  It has a crew neck so I can wear all my lovely long gold/blue necklaces with it. I can't figure out where this brand is sold, but regardless, it definitely looks like dresses I've pined for at Target.
[edit: I found one on PoshMark with a $24.99 Marshalls tag attached. So I guess it's sold...somewhere fancier than Target, probably]

4. Sleeveless white hi-low top with a geometric pattern at the chest and going in a strip down the center, $3. Great for summer OR, with a cardigan (say...number 6 below), for fall.

5. Periwinkle blue crew-neck 3/4 length sleeved t-shirt, Cynthia Rowley, $3.50. Very soft and similar to a couple of other shirts I love in this style.

6. Cranberry colored Ann Taylor open-front cardigan, with pockets, but not shapeless like a boyfriend cardigan, $6. So soft and beautiful I was willing to pay a premium for it (in related news: I hate that Savers sets prices based on brand, except for when they price Quality Mossimo stuff at the same rate as Crappy Faded Glory)

7. Dark red open front cardigan with thin black horizontal stripes, MOD Lusive, $4. An impulse buy at the last moment. Probably should not have gotten it, but it is also SO SOFT and I didn't think the stripes looked bad. It also has pockets.

8. Black tank top with a seed-bead silver blue and silver geometric design, Vanity brand, $3. It has to be worn with a black cami if not worn with a cardigan, as the back has a a vertical sheer lace stripe, but that's gorgeous. I love how the beads give it some structured weight.

9. Blue and brown striped polyester spandex V-neck top, Susan Lawrence, $1.50. SUPER flattering fit on its own, but even more flattering because the side hems taper to diamond shaped ends.

10. Navy blue Target camisole, $1.50, an exact copy of the versatile one I tossed last month because it wore a noticeable hole at the top of the front.

11. White Ann Taylor camisole, $2, because you just can't ever have too many, especially this quality

12.  Sheer teal colored hi-lo Maurices blouse, with a black and silver Western/Aztec pattern, the drapey sort of shirt with a cinch waist. I normally hate that style, as I think it feels very pinchy while also making me look extra puffy and shapeless around the stomach area, but somehow this one felt and looked OK. Or I was just really channeling the fashion style of Cowgirl Sierra on Survivor and wanted to look like her. Either way.

13. And a thing I should probably not have bought, but could not resist: a new-with-tags Simply Vera top for $5.50 (original price $54). It's a short-sleeved tunic length off white top, with a crocheted front and a sheer back, which I bought solely becuase a) new and b) I looked at it and thoguht, "WHAT A GREAT SWIMSUIT COVER-UP." Like, it looks sort of hideous as a shirt, but it looks just perfect for wearing over a swimsuit. I shouldn't have bought it because I don't own a swimsuit, and when will I ever wear a swimsuit even if I buy one? But the thing is, I have always thought that I would want some kind of cover-up if I bought a swimsuit, ever since I saw this admittedly cuter version. So now I have this.

TOTAL: $43.62. (no tax on clothes here, but original prices were actually like $5.99, and they tip the discount in your favor).

And that's why I had to leave and couldn't hit up any other thrift stores on Memorial Day.

Speaking of shopping, I went to an estate sale at a Fancy ($3.5 million worth of fancy) Lake of the Isles Mansion in Minneapolis today. Basically all of the stuff was gone on this final day (seriously, there were like 2 pieces of furniture and half a dozen small items in each room), but that just made it easier to appreciate the beautiful architecture of the house and swoon over its lake views, which of course is the real reason I went.

After getting home, I kicked myself because we were literally only a mile away from the Dreaming in the Dust house, and if we'd just gone around the lake instead of crossing the street and going around a different lake, we would have passed it (though I probably would not have been paying attention). I can't believe I knew what street this was on for 3 entire days and still did not make the connection. I've been wanting to see that place in person for MONTHS.
Also I typed up nearly my whole Survivor finale review, but I was doing it in the Edit window like a dummy (I started backwards and wrote the reunion show commentary last night), and of course I visited a website NoScript didn't like while putting on the finishing touches, and in frustration I yelled "ALLOW EVERYTHING I DO NOT HAVE TIME TO FIGURE OUT WHICH ONE WILL LET ME CLICK THE DAMN PHOTO LINK" and that reloaded all the tabs without warning me and I lost everything.
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