RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Things I Meant To Do Today: Take a shower, go to the library, go to the dollar store, scope out the 75%-off color tag sale at Goodwill because this was only the second time I was gonna have time for it in roughly 11 weeks

Things I Actually Did Today: wake up at 1:30 PM after being up until 4:30 this morning and forgetting to set my alarm, then spend 10 hours browsing Tumblr and googling random flashes of curiosity because I needed to wash my hair to leave the house, and the three times I finally was able to wrench myself away to try and get in the shower, I would hear the bathroom door slam and somebody would be in there for 20 minutes.

Things I Learned About Today:

  • The Middle Passage, and a ton of other info on the Atlantic Slave Trade

  • All of Wikipedia's related articles on slavery

  • The current fights for and against legal brothels / legalized prostitution, in various countries around the globe

  • 12 Years A Slave: Fact vs. Fiction and where Patsey and Northrup may have ended up (two stupid unsolved mysteries, it turns out)

  • The Walker Art Center gallow sculpture controversy (piqued by my query about the meaning behind an unsettling handmade sign I saw on the fence when we drove past it on the way to that estate sale yesterday, something about how "if you look past the blue chicken you'll see where my relatives were hanged")

  • Joseph Lobdell

  • Mental asylums in 19th/early 20th century

  • So. Many. Abandoned. Houses.

  • Fancy mansions for sale the Twin Cities

  • All of the houses for sale in my town (according to Zillow, the two cheapest are $130k and $150k, with both "needing work")

  • And finally, one thing I might actually consider productive: using Find A Grave to look up where my dad's parents are buried, as they died before I was born and I've never thought to ask. It's within easy driving distance and apparently his mother's parents are buried there too. ...and now I wanna do All The Family Tree Research, great.

Tags: life

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