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Garage Sale Bonanza, Round 3

(a/k/a real-life post while I continue to put off rounding up TV show spoilers.  If I don't think about them they don't exist!  Lalalalala...)

I actually found all my treasures yesterday, but the internet was being slow and fussy then.  Anyway, Dad and I started off at 8:30 to check out a "Fundraiser for the Animals" garage sale sponsored by a local rescue, which promised to have a lot of stuff.   It did indeed have a ton of stuff - held inside a soon-to-be-razed old restaurant, the building was jam-packed with tables.  Took me a while to find worthwhile things, but I eventually came up with some.

-2 My Little Ponies - 21st century-era, which is very much against my MLP principles, but I felt compelled to rescue them anyway after they unexpectedly turned up at the bottom of a stuffed animal bin.  They're pretty; one's white with pink/glittery mane and tail and the other is purple with white/turquoise streak mane and tail.

-The Bears and I - Robert Franklin Leslie.  70's paperback, nonfiction story of raising three bear cubs.  Wildlife tales are always a hit.

-The Beauty of Dogs - Wendy Boorer.  1979 hardcover with what I'm convinced are considerably older photographs. A mixture of breed guide and dog care book, it's oversized with lots of color photos, and which I bought mostly because it matches a similarly quaint British cat guide and horse guide already on my shelf.

-Sleepaway: The Girls of Summer and the Camps they Love - Laurie Kahn.  Practically brand-new heavy/glossy paperback collection of anecdotes, pictures, and almost scrapbook-like descriptions of summer camps throughout the country over the last few decades. 

-A stuffed dog toy for Kym, whose tag proclaims it great for "snuggling" with delightful rope ears for chewing on, but which Kym and I know perfectly well is made to be ripped to pieces as quickly as possible.  I love giving her these things, because she practically explodes with joy, but they're quite expensive, so finding a brand-new one ($4.25 price still attached) at a garage sale was great. 

Price for the lot: $2
I'm shocked.  I was going to offer twice that (Voice: Twice of two dollars? NO WAY!), but at the table they just glanced it over and gave me a price, so I went with it.  My love of bargains is apparently deeper than my love of helping furry critters, sadly enough. I made myself feel better about that by signing the petition to end puppy mills. 

Dad and spent the rest of the day hunting down various sales, spiced up in the middle by the part where he put the emergency brake on for me after I parked on a somewhat steep hill, and we both forgot about it and drove about five more miles before we realized something was wrong.  And by that I mean I attempted to slow down as we approached an intersection with sale signs, and instead my foot pressed the brake nearly flat on the floor, to little effect.  JUST SLIGHTLY FRIGHTENING THERE. 

A couple of hours later, we were back out following signs.  I found what I THOUGHT was going to be the Holy Grail of miniature animal items, a boxed Farm Country set, containing a barn and silo and fences and (most importantly) cattle scaled to the size of my vast collection of micro mini horses.  It was *perfect*!  And then I got home and found out the box was false advertising, as it did in fact contain half a dozen cows and a few fences, but it lacked the rest of the cows, all the calves, half the pieces necessary for putting the barn together and all the small accessories; the windmill and silo were broken, and the box had been given weight with such treasures as a Hot Wheels car, a couple of presumably OLD suckers, a small container of Play Doh, some stamps, and a handful of ugly plastic farm animals from a Littlest Pet Shops scale.  Needless to say, I was displeased.  But I was bound to hit a lemon at some point in my saling.  For now, I shall be happy with my six cows (75 cents wasn't really that much money...), especially sine I may be able to use a few of the less ugly critters in my collection of miniature animals (that is, one size up from the micro minis).

Finally, my remaining treasures of the day:

-The Baby Sitters Club: Secret Santa - a-hah!  A book that combines my love of BSC-related nostalgia with my love of the interactive scrapbook format!  Features a great number of letters that one must pull from envelopes, and cards that open up.  50 cents for glee.

-Politically Correct Bedtime Stories - Hysterical retelling of classic tales, like the Three Little Pigs, exactly as the title would suggest.  It's only a slim little hardcover, but I paid the asking price of a dollar for it anyway because every time I flipped it open and read a line, I laughed out loud.  Humor is good.

-Thunder: Mighty Stallion of the Hills - HORSE STORY!  For a quarter, can't beat that.

Find of the Week: OLD SCHOOL MY LITTLE PONY!  T'is a baby pony, winged and white, with the glorious numbers "1984" stamped in her hoof.   Oh, here!  Her name is Baby Surprise.   And I so love the lady who, when I asked her how much, smiled and said "Ah, just take it."  I like to believe this is because she heard my audible gasp of shock and delight when I found said pony mixed in a basket of troll dolls.  I swear I danced all the way back to the car and had to stop myself from repeatedly kissing my newfound pony's nose.

Dad's find of the week was a record player/tape player deck.  Just like a regular music center, only instead of a place for CDs on top, there's a turntable for albums.  Seemed to be in perfect working order, for $20.  He'd apparently been wanting something like this for *years*, since he wants to record some of his old albums to tape before they warp or get too scratched or whatever, and which he hasn't heard since his last record player broke about 15 years ago.

Dad did not get his find of the week, however, because he didn't have enough cash on him and anyway, he wanted to think about it overnight.  He went back today and found out the stupid woman had changed her mind and decided to sell it as part of a package, a bunch of equipment inside a storage cabinet, $200 for the lot.  Wouldn't separate them.  CRAZY OLD LOON.  [Edit: And just to complete Dad's stroke of Friday-the-13th luck, his car ran out of gas 3 miles from home.  With Mom being out in the van and not having the cell phone, he had to walk back.] 

And now it's off to translate my scrawled shorthand notes in colored Sharpie to a full-length SYTYCD review.

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