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Today is much better than yesterday.

I woke up at 7:30, for starters, and only got about 5.5 hours of sleep plus I am gonna take a long walk later, so I should be good and ready for bed at a normal time tonight. Now, some random entertainment news:

* Kathy Griffin has been fired from her annual New Year's Eve gig for making some tasteless political joke. Part of me is like, "Was that really necessary?" because I am perpetually a champion of "don't fire people as a knee-jerk reaction to them being offensive if they apologize and are warned that they only get one chance to not do it again," but part of me also assumes Kathy Griffin has already been offensive a lot, is weary of her incessant loudness crashing the NYE gig and delighted to be free of it, and that part of me is also thinking "it is good to see that being generally progressive and liberal does not make you immune."

* Shortly after I had almost successfully brain bleached away the pap photos of him in a banana hammock, Darren Criss posted a creepy nude selfie with only the aforementioned swimsuit in hand blocking it from being explicit, and I am very "honey no, honey stop it, I thought you had worked through your exhibitionist phase; I was just starting to enjoy your celebrity again"

* Speaking of Darren Criss, he is much more attractive on the cover of a Cannes movie poster for something called Smitten! and all I needed was to hear "romcom" attached to how wonderfully floofy his curls are in it to demand GIVE ME THIS NEW AND PERFECT FILM RIGHT NOW IDEC WHAT IT IS RATED (despite what my above reaction may have you believe)

* Remember when I said I didn't care about any of the new shows or know what they were? Well, Tumblr just informed me of NBC's upcoming Rise, which basically looks like the Smash/Glee mash-up OF MY DREAMS, complete with BONUS HOT/BEARDLY/"DEDICATED TEACHER AND FAMILY MAN" (THIS IS A DIRECT QUOTE) JOSH RADNOR.


Rise (fka Drama High) ... was inspired by the story of groundbreaking high school drama teacher Lou Volpe as chronicled in the book Drama High. In the hourlong project, when dedicated teacher and family man Lou Mazzuchelli (Radnor) sheds his own self-doubt and takes over the school’s lackluster theater department, he galvanizes not only the faculty and students but the entire working-class town.

IS THIS NOT SOME KIND OF FEVER DREAM???????? Also it has some Friday Night Lights lineage, I guess, as its from that show's showrunner, and this combo is too much for me to handle right now.

* Also I thought I was gonna have to watch Salvation this summer because I thought I saw Rachelle Lefevre in the promo, and I'm contractually obligated to try anything she's in that is offered to me, but turns out that was not her so WOOHOO I AM FREE.

* Edit: GDI, the reason I thought it was her is that I had actually read news about her being in a project that DID sound cool -- Doomsday on ABC
 -- but I guess that got passed on, because FML and anticipating pilots starring Rachelle (hashtag THE CROSSING). Seriously, would have gone for this:

Doomsday starts in the aftermath of 9/11, when the U.S. government institutes a secret think tank featuring the most creative minds in science and entertainment that is tasked with dreaming up man-made disaster scenarios and their possible solutions. Because the hypothetical ideas are deemed extremely dangerous, the list is sealed and the program shut down. But when a catastrophe occurs that’s ripped from the pages of the missing doomsday book, the team is brought back years later to prevent the disasters of their own making.

Lefevre will play Faye, the whip-smart and shrewd Deputy Director of Homeland Security who is at the helm when the Doomsday team reassembled to help thwart an attack on U.S. soil. Coldly pragmatic, she initially has little reverence for her assemblage of geniuses but during the course of the mission, she develops a growing respect for the team.

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