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I only have time for tiny post previews

A few days ago I got a sudden hankering for high-concentration GSR, and rather than slapping at YouTube, I went the harder but more satisfying route of rounding up seasons 7-9 on DVD from the library. End result: today I dipped my toes back into the waters of CSI for the first time in over 4 years.

I meant to go in order, but season 8 is the one my fingers found first, so I started there, with "Dead Doll." Damn that is a good episode. I watched very nearly half of it before I got impatient and started skipping over the slower scenes in order to focus on Sara fighting the elements like a hellcat and Grissom generally being on the verge of losing it, both of which are beautiful things to behold. (s'up, it's been 10 actual years and I am not yet over his face + handhold in the helicopter, however small and insufficient the comfort resolution is for this level of hurt)

I was also using my old reviews as a guideline, which is where I relearned that in between the finale and the premiere, Jorja Fox's contract was all up in the air, and coming off the finale we didn't actually know if she was going to survive. By premiere time other people may have, but I was 100% in the dark all the way until the happy ending. I don't know if I have ever felt quite that much stress watching TV in real time since.

Anyhoo. I also briefly poked my head in at the car scene of 8x02 -- so cute! so light! -- and then off to bask in the super cute proposal I've not watched in an age, before I ragestroked out at how fast they went from that to the muddled mess their subsequently mostly off-screen relationship became, so I went back to finish the end of 8x02. Had completely forgotten this is where I first heard "Running Up That Hill" (Placebo version). Officially stamped down as Sara's Theme now.

Also right about here is where I remember that 2007 was prime time for printing stories off for my fic binder, and I collected a crapload of Grissom/Sara fic that was written the summer before season 8 and/or as post-eps immediately after it started, so...toodles.
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