RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Posting from the library 'cause hot day = power outage

I have had a much better day than yesterday, despite this horrible library computer keyboard that fails to recognize about 7% of keystrokes so I am constantly having to go back and insert letters. Even though I can't just be DONE with work, I am mostly as far as I can go so eff it, I give up, I am taking the rest of the weekend off because I can't finish until Monday anyway.

I spent a mere 2 hours wheeling around to garage sales this morning, but it was all the time I needed to have fun and find amazing stuff:

-A 6-cup baking tray, perfect for the dollar-store sized muffin mixes that only make 6 anyway, $1

-PYREX!!!!!!! I found a giant yellow mixing bowl that I have scuttled away for my and/or Chris's future apartment use, and then the two smallest bowls in flamingo pink, one of which we have, and one of which now completes my grandma's set, $10 for all. I haven't even looked for them in an age, but today I went to a random moving sale and THERE THE BEAUTIES WERE. The lady saw me looking at it and said, "Those are good bowls! You know, you sometimes can't find those anymore. Do you want me to put them aside for you?" And normally I would not love being pressured to buy stuff, but she was correct and I thought that price was very fair. Turns out they are in better condition than my grandma's set, too. Mom is delighted with them.

-A pretty pink and white sleeveless top, polyester spandex, for $2

-A 12-ounce ceramic travel mug, Dog Haus brand with a HomeGoods label on the bottom, brand new, for 25 cents. I love it because it has a cat silhoutte on it and is labeled "eat nap meow."

AND NOW. Now I am free and able to use this beautiful hot yet breezy day to FEEL SUN ON MY SKIN / FRESH AIR IN MY FACE and read All Of The Books. Starting next week, I fight like a hellcat to a) et all work done by 10 AM Friday for payroll and b) get my Friday work done Friday because I have So Many garage and estate sales booked for next weekend, particularly Saturday.
Tags: garage sales, life

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