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Things I Learned from TV Line today

IDK why Criminal Minds gotta be a 2-part battle every year, but apparently this is yet another year where after you secure the renewal, you still have to keep stressing about which members of the team will come back with it. Case in point, CBS has apparently failed to learn its lesson from the two times they already went through this and is failing yet again to pay its CM ladies fairly, so --
[There are casting spoilers unrelated to the contract news in here too, so mind that.]
-- now it's time to bite our nails on whether we will still have Garcia and AJ when we return from our cliffhanger. Any other year I would handwave JJ out the door with little fuss, but basically her entire purpose in season 12 was to be Reid's surrogate girlfriend support, and I'm pretty sure he is not emotionally recovered yet so we still need her. Also, no to losing Garcia before she does anything with Luke. I know it's not cool to care about female characters only in relation to men, but as much as I do like them in her own right (Garcia especially), I can't help it if the screen just lights up with extra fireworks when they talk to specific men (*COUGH S.S. GARCIA/ALVEZ COUGH*).
Also apparently Mr. Smooth Bariton voice is gone, which doesn't particularly ruffle my feathers, but is still kind of a shame; if it means we keep the ladies that's great, but he was perfectly innocuous and gelled smoothly with the team. Sounds like they were jerks about it too (very abrupt "sorry just business" after he was previously told he would be part of season 14"), which...again, I want Reid on my screen come hell or high water so if that's what you gotta do to keep the show on the air I will pretty much sacrifice anyone, but these are steep prices to pay.

NCIS also has contract spoilers for us:
[We are losing a team member. It is not my first choice.]
[Probably] Because CBS is doublin' down on its sexism today, Jennifer Esposito is out of NCIS. I badly need to know why they got rid of her instead of, IDK, that giant pain in the ass cocksure other swears jackass . All I see is "creative decision / going in a new direction." I agree you needed to cull soem people. She is also admittedly my second choice to cut. But it just feels like taunting that we are so close and yet so far from a Torres-free world.

I am only very vaguely aware of what "Battle of the Network Stars" is, but given that I have raised myself on network TV for nearly 20 years and know all of the major recurring players, I would have watched that anyway, but then someone was like "Rachelle Lefevre is in it" and I went "SHUT UP AND TAKE MY EQUIVALENT OF MONEY FOR BROADCAST TV." As a bonus, Taye Diggs. I don't even care who else is on it, I'm there.
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