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Behold, the 103983 (or just 10) things I have checked out of the library right now to amuse myself:

(There were more when I started writing this post, actually, but I managed to knock 3 or 4 things off the list this week. Hopefully the momentum continues to build!)

1. DVD: CSI: Miami, season 8: because I've been reading my old episode reviews and would like to reacquaint myself with Eric/Calleigh and Eric's face, basically. Past Me says there are some highlights in this year.

2-4. DVD: CSI, seasons 7-9: because I did not get very far into that Grissom/Sara shipping tour I planned.

5. Girls in the Moon - Janet McNally: a random YA novel that looked readable, last book standing from the batch I checked out on May 5th that it has taken me FOREVER to be in the mood for, but now I'm like a hundred pages in and loving it.

6. Sisters, Ink - Rebeca Seitz. A possibly Christian novel that nevertheless appealed to me when I saw it at Savers (IT'S A BOOK ABOUT GROWN ADOPTED SISTERS WHO SCRAPBOOK) -- not enough for me to pay money for it untested, but definitely enough to make me wanna read it -- which i am also a few chapters into and which so far is like Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants set in Stars Hollow.

7. The Miseducation of Cameron Post- Emily Danforth: a book I have long wanted to read due to it pinging all my usual interest points in terms of cover, setting, thickness, and general tone/writing style, but known I would not appreciate because of my 0% interest in f/f. Now, however, I have decided to fling myself into the Nell/Kensi abyss and that means I need templates to test them out on. It is this book's Time.

8. 10 Things I Can See From Here - Carrie Mac: I've entirely forgotten what I thought would appeal to me about this one*, but it's the last one for now to round out my f/f set. *It might be that this is the most upbeat-looking one?

9-11. 3 big fat coffee table books whose titles escape me right now, but they were pulled from the cookbook and home sections of the library, and are basically big collections of recipes and homemaking tips with personal text and glossy photos of everything, or in shorthand, "basically blogs in book form." I'm just enjoying paging through them in a lazy, leisurely manner. Maybe I will even make a few of the things.

Things To Potentially Read When I Finish All Of The Above
Just Horses - a photo essay book I remember being in love with in high school, which is also heavy on Western Americana, which is what always comes to mind in June, when the weather is bright and promising for road trips. On its way in via Interlibrary Loan.

Little Women - this is gonna happen. One day. No, for real.

Sisters Ink 2-4, if I like the first one enough?

Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants is a series I should really read again. (maybe one day I will even be brave enough to face the adult novel sequel)

A History of Wolves (Emily Fridlund) - maybe. It might be too heavy a Literary Fiction for my tastes, but I saw it at an independent bookstore in the MN authors section and the reqeust list has been 80 miles long (4 months), but it's finally my turn whenever I un-pause the request.

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