RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Holy cow I wanna do so many things I can't even keep them all straight in my head.

My plan is to go full-out, full-speed, ninety miles an hour for the next 4 days because NIGHT WORK IS FINALLY DONE AND I HAVE FIVE EXTRA HOURS OF FREEDOM A DAY.

Things I Did Today, because Day Work is in a very light period so I was able to eliminate the stuff I had to do today in 2 hours:

  • Got a haircut for the first time in like a year (it's so short! and by that I mean it's an inch past my shoulders. but she curled it so today it was extra-short and bouncy)

  • Visited like 10 garage sales. They were EVERYWHERE and they were within the borders of my town and everything. Got some stuff I will detail later, in a roundup post. Also had to suffer an obnoxious young man who was clearly there as a reseller -- judging from the enormous amount of stuff already in his car -- trying to offer a nice old man $2 for a pile of stuff that came to $8 originally. Fuck off. Haggling over anything under $10 is rude and gross.

  • Swung by the library to pick up my requests

  • Got a glazed doughnut as our "end of project" reward, and filled up my coffee mug with my final hit of free coffee for the year. (it's normal, mediocre break room coffee. but I can't tell the difference. it's my seasonal indulgence)

  • Also got many compliments on my haircut

  • We got out of work 90 minutes early because we finished the project, so I hyper-maximized my time, starting with a walk. I could only afford 20 minutes, but I found an awesome new walking path.

  • Stopped at Aldi because they have amazing deals right now on fruit, such as: Cherries at $1.99 a pound, blueberries at $1.49 a pint, red grapes at 79 cents a pound, and the best thing of all, 12 ounces of raspberries for $1.99. Raspberries are my favorite fruit of all time. And that amount is normally $4 or $5. I kind of wanted to spend $20 just on raspberries and eat them all and nothing else for 2 days.

  • Stopped at Big Lots, which had an impressive variety of deals, starting with glass bottles of soda for 80 cents each. I found some cool flavors of 30-calorie soda I didn't know existed (Jones Stripped brand -- huckleberry, orange mango, and cream soda) was so excited by it I even got my brother some regular cane-sugar-flavored root beer, his absolute favorite thing, just to be nice. Also got beef jerky, which at $3.25 for 3 ounces is either on par with or slightly better than Aldi and the best deal around, unless you buy bigger sizes, and from the discount section, a 5-serving bag of whole wheat pretzels also identified as "sesame sticks," 25 cents and a 4-pack of Del Monte pineapple cups (in pineapple juice) for 75 cents.

  • Had just enough time to launch myself into Savers for a quick browse-through (no clothes), thanks to their summer hours of being open until 9;30pm.

Things to do tomorrow (is it already tomorrow on the clock? Saturday, that is):

  • Finish up the maybe 30 minutes of work I have left

  • Quick shower

  • Bank stop: deposit check & get cash

  • More garage sales

  • Meander my way along the garage sale route into Stillwater to visit the antiquarian bookstore and collect any books left on my wishlist now that prices are more than 50% off. (this new discount actually started a week ago and I am upset I could not get there any sooner)

  • WALK ON THE TRAIL. My heart says 'go visit antique stores first while you're there!' but my brain says 'if you do that you will wear yourself out and you will never get to the important exercise thing')

  • Go home, you idiot, before you want to die, and enjoy your night off with movies and/or reading and/or TV

Things to do Sunday:

  • GET UP EARLY. Shower & wash my hair. Be ready to go by 9:30 AM.

  • Estate sale in a Fancy Mansion in Minneapolis (tentative, dependent on his energy levels)

  • Walk around Lake of the Isles (tentative depending on the above; otherwise, walk on a trail closer to home)

  • Chris is taking me out to lunch!

  • Watch an episode of Zoo (we're gonna start season 2!) and other cuddly things afterwards

  • Enjoy the night off with books / movies / TV

Things to do on Monday:

  • Laundry would be a cool thing to do at some point, probably

  • Hightail it back to Test Scoring Ville and take a longer walk / visit more stores I didn't have a chance to before

Things to do on Tuesday:

  • Goodwill's 75% off sale!

  • Go see a movie, with or without Chris -- discount day all day/night

Things to do on Wednesday:

  • Take a long, adventurous walk

  • Consider finishing up my Zoo fic and/or any last posts I want to get out before new canon happens

Things to do on Thursday:

  • Garage sales


  • Which I have just realized conflicts with my plans to go to the local summer festival; I guess I will have to save Zoo for later but RRRRARGH on its change of airdate for so many reasons now

  • I have to buckle down on work to get it done for 10 AM Payroll Friday anyway

Tags: life

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