RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Summer Write List 2017

Because there's really nothing I want to watch / catch up on watching (beyond Zoo) as much as I want to catch up on my backlogged reviews so that I feel like this place is Writing Central again. What little motivation I had for doing this after stalling out during February sweeps died the day I wrote 90% of my Survivor finale reaction post in an edit-post window by mistake, and then lost it all when I closed the tab. That combined with my sadness when so many people left LJ in a big huff of self righteousness that didn't affect their lives but worsened mine, on top of working all the time, wiped it out almost entirely, leaving only faint embers of determination.


  • Survivor: finale/reunion (maybe...maybe I can muster up the willpower to recreate it, but that was a month ago)

  • Scorpion: probably not individual reviews but least a general summary of the back half of season 3

  • NCIS: last 3 episodes (actually still need to watch the finale)

  • NCIS: LA: 8x15-on

  • Criminal Minds: 12x11-on

  • Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders: overview post on season 2

There. I ought to be able to make some inroads on at least one of those over the next 2 months.


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