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SYTYCD results

This is what I love about the results portion of this show versus AI - it's actually interesting.  well, not the rehashing of the judge's comments, but the rest of it.  Group song medleys suck; group dances are more fun than the regular partner dances. 

The solo dances are the most fun of all, of course.  Not because it's elimination time - although in the early weeks, sometimes that's a good thing - but because solo dances are always more fun than partner dances.  Anyway, I like the results show because it gives you lots of cute little clips behind-the-scenes so you can kind of see what the real people are like.  Instead of "pimp-o-mercials" for Ford trucks.

UGH.  I have to watch nasty Ashlee yet another week?  HOW DARE YOU BOTTOM-THREE THE SWING DANCE COUPLE??

Here's who I WANT to go: The J-squared duo, Jessica and Jaymz.  But it seems like they danced well.  Stylistically, I think Heidi and Ivan did the worst job [post show: fine, Nigel.  Whatever.].  But one can always hope.  (the only one I really DO NOT want to see leave is Allison, and I'm 90% sure the judges won't kick her out with those other two on the block)

While I'm waiting for this boring guy ("Neo"?) to stop singing his even more boring song - remember?  I DON'T like American Idol? - I might as well talk about the dances.  In an abbreviated sort of way.

Jaymz was interesting - nice choice of music and fancy footwork.  Jessica has really clean lines when she's doing her natural style - impressive (also, Body Language is the best jazz-dance song ever).  Ditto for Ryan, only with ballet.  Heidi, um, needs to work with the costume designers a LOT more; I couldn't decide if she looked like she was trying to impersonate a chicken or if she lost her clothes and had to dress up in a giant marshmallow.  There was just this puff of material around her torso.  I could barely even pay attention to her dance, although if I remember correctly it was just a lot of psycho shaking and maybe some dry-humping (I can't be 100% sure, but that's the kind of thing she does, yes?). The ruffles worked for ALLISON, dear, not you.  Speaking of Allison, at the beginning I thought she was going to be one of the weaker ones, seemed like it was just a lot of arms and waving.  But then she started some amazing twists and splits and leaps and handless cartwheels, and...yeah.  If she goes home tonight, I will shoot Nigel in the head. 

And the losers are...
Girl: Jessica's gone!  Woo!  And now I kind of miss her, because after a few clips it turns out that when her hair is long and loose, she's really pretty.  Oh well.  As long as Heidi doesn't win, it's all cool.

Guy: Jaymz!  Oi!  This is an awesome night!  It totally almost makes up for losing Ben!  (I would like to remind you that THAT is a sin redeemable only by the crowning of either Martha or Donyelle)  Also, I think maybe I should trust my own judgment more often.

Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta go catch a rerun of CSI, because I think I had ceased taping the show by the time Rashomama aired.  Well, actually, I might still have it (chock full of commercials) somewhere, but why bother looking when I could just sit here and watch it as it airs?  I've been going to bed at 9:00 lately, out of pure boredom, and lying in bed for an hour waiting for sleep to hit.  This is sad.  I wish there were a way to store up these hours and save them for the school year, when I am always frantic for time.
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