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More book musings

The problem with perusing my oldest reading lists (9th & 10th grade) is that I find myself going "awww" over all these real solid 80s & 90s teen novels that are not old enough to have widespread vintage appeal, but are exactly old enough to have been forgotten before everything was on the internet, giving them little to no presence on Goodreads, never mind book blogs, and lucky to even have a cover image on Amazon.

This is what the public library had to offer in the early 2000s, and they are of course long since purged, but even though most of them were 3-star reads, I'm nostalgic enough to want to relive them. It makes me me wish I lived in a place where I could afford to house every book I've ever liked, because I know most of them aren't really worth keeping in limited space now, but there was nothing wrong with them. It's kind of interesting to think that if I'd had a Goodreads algorithm feeding me ideal books nonstop back then, I probably wouldn't have had the time or inclination to pick most of them up.

I don't know what exactly I want to do to process these feelings -- part of me wants to post the list on LJ like I did for 11th grade, remarking on high and lowlights. Part of me wants to just run down the list and quiz myself; what do I remember? (the truth is, most of them are big blanks; I'm lucky to remember the basic gist). Which ones tug at me enough to want to reread? (allowing rereads on my annual list is the best choice I ever made; revisiting stuff has always proven quite fun, even if it does reduce the amount of total new titles I gain knowledge of)

And part of me just wants to do a cover-art collage, stick it on Tumblr and be done with it. Maybe a few different collages, divided by age group or categories.

But I also know that is by far the most time-consuming option, so I'm just going to keep rambling over here. One of the annoying things about this list is 14-Year-Old Me's boring reliance on series books. I mean, there's nothing wrong with series books -- I read SO many series as a kid and have many happy memories of them -- but looking at them an adult it feels like I'd have to go all-or-nothing to enjoy them again. They're like microwave meals compared to something home cooked. I grew out of those by the following year, but 9th grade still has its share of straggling Thoroughbred, Animorphs, Royal Diaries/Dear America, and Saddle Club/Pine Hollow books.

While I have been adding my backlog to Goodreads, I try not to add things unless I can remember enough to review them, because who knows if my original star rating is accurate. But I do sometimes wonder if other people loved any of the things I read once upon a time, or how many other people even read them.

You know what, screw it. I AM going to post the 9th grade list (minus series books), including links to Goodreads and my original ratings, accompanied by whatever random thought or memory hits me upon looking it up because I'm mad I don't have more of those on the 11th grade list post.

...I have already spent an hour on it and am nowhere near done since I decided to alphabetize it by author. Awesome way to create hours of procrastination, self.

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