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You can probably tell I've decided to spend all night on social media instead of work or sleep.

But while I'm playing around with my book post and deciding what to add to Goodreads (though I figure if I already added all the boring fairy-tale retellings from college that I can't remember a word of with no reviews, I can definitely at least add the older books I remember enjoying), I pulled a couple off the real-life shelf to flip through, and that led my eyes to the trio of wonderful ridiculous O.C. books I have, and they are enchanting my brain. My sleep deprived brain, mind. I keep peeking at The Outsider, which is literally just a novelization of the first 7 episodes of season 1 (condensed in some parts and expanded in others to focus on the teens, I'd imagine), and it's so great.

It's exactly what I like to do with TV shows -- well, specifically with shipper scenes, but if you paid me to do whole episodes I would be on it in a heartbeat. The joy of being able to hold a TV show in your hands but experience it in book form without having to paste the characters over the original book characters or anything is unbeatable. Alternatively, you get the experience of when you read a book and wish it was a TV show but OH WAIT IT ACTUALLY IS. You can literally go watch the scenes come to life afterwards, often word for word (a.k.a. best read when you, like me, haven't seen the show for a bit).

It's definitely faster than actually rewatching the show, which I've been meaning to do for years. And you get to have extra insight into their thoughts and feelings and ugh if I am not careful I'm gonna rate this thing 5 stars when I actually read it.

Also screw it I can't wait Imma just go ahead and skip right to the part where Marissa wakes up in a hotel bed with Ryan. Fully clothed. After all the innocent accidental sleep-spooning. (I still can't believe that is a real thing that happened on a show I watched.)

[update: what even the hell. way to cop out of Ryan's thoughts.] now I'm just gonna be over here on the ol' YouTubes anyway, merrily watching all of Ryan and Marissa's scenes from episode 7 and being very much "oh. yeah, that's why I liked Ryan so much."

And then going like 3 episodes' worth of clips farther and remembering how very, very low my Marissa tolerance is.

But now! I'm over here rediscovering that time the two couples curled up in a big cuddle puddle on the bed, so awwww.

5:49 AM: MOVING ON. I just realized I've never seen the season 2 finale with my own two eyes. I have heard of, but never actually seen, the melodramatic MMMM, WHATCHA SAYY-AY-AY moment until this very second and it is so much more hysterical than I ever dreamed.

...someone please stop me before I find the Johnny scenes 'cause then it's gonna stop being fun and get real personally devastating for me TOO LATE I'm goin' full pain with a fanvid and ughhhh I can't believe such a quality love triangle ended with 2/3rds of the participants dead. (although...I guess that technically resolved my problem in heaven. huh. new perspective.)

(also wow I sure did manage to overlook Johnny Nice Guy-ing himself to death the first time around. That is some ugly scorning of the friend zone, sir)

5:58AM: LAST UPDATE. I spent less than 4 minutes enduring Taylor for the promise of "remember that time Ryan literally and probably unnecessarily threw himself on top of her to protect her during an earthquake in the hottest display of protective positioning ever seen and got himself a nice glass shard to the back as a reward," and it takes even less time than that to remember why she is so much worse than Marissa.

...and that's what you missed on "series highlights of the O.C." (Seth/Summer-excluding edition)

6:02 AM: I lied, one more update because I was just reminded that at one point Ryan...randomly became a cage fighter? because TROLOLOL this show was such pure nonsensical crack long before people thought Glee invented the concept.

6:09: Never-ending updates because OLIVER. Remember that?? It happened. I know, it feels like a fever dream.

6:15: OH-HO-HO KAY I have not seen any Theresa clips since I fell in love with Navi Rawat on Numb3rs, because I was pacing myself for doing a 180 on how I originally felt about Theresa, but what is this moment where Ryan gets hotly protective because her trashbag boyfriend is abusing her. Sign me all the way up. I am beginning to realize she was the best love interest Ryan ever had and while I was too simple to appreciate her as a teen, I definitely do now.

Anyway time to go renew my quest for YA novels with broody male protagonists forced to grow up too fast and shouldering the weight of the world and whatnot. (she says, having started this post describing the O.C. books with this actual exact male protagonist)

(no but actually I'm pretty sure I just found the new star of No More Saturday Nights. he's not broody, just busy being a single teen dad / college student, but that works quite well)

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