RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Teetering on the edge [edit: and over I go]

It's late, but I have been thinking about watching the pilot of The O.C. since my last post, and this is one of those rare situations where I want to watch an episode of a thing that I don't have to hunt down and call in from the public library first. Of course, I would have to confirm where the DVD was, but -- oh, no, there it is. Right there.

Fortunately, I have distracted myself by pulling it out of its packaging and loooool I forgot how DVDs were built in the early 00's, This thing is 7 discs long (granted it's also apparently a 27-episode season because these were the last gasps of the Old Style TV Era) and it's a brick nearly the width of a vertical-standing credit card, each rigid-plastic leaf inside nearly the thickness of an entire season case these days. It even comes with a booklet containing episode summaries. Truly a work of art.

I should really go to bed instead of watching this. I definitely should. I have many more important things that are checkouts from the library that I need to get to, and I need to get through work tomorrow before I can go back to them.

Look down. What's that? Oh, it's the first disc curiously inserted into my CD-ROM drive and auto-playing, California, here we come.'s already weird because in my memory this show looked brand new and now it definitely has a dated hue.

Also I just realized I have not seen this pilot in full since I was 17. Maybe 18, if they played a rerun the summer after. This is going to be a trip.

[edit: oh my god I am 3 episodes deep without a second's pause. It's so good and not trashy yet*!!!  I can barely comport myself. This is absolutely the show I fell in love with once upon a time.

*I mean except for the requisite party scenes, but those are all minor/background characters being trash for ambiance so it doesn't count]
Tags: o.c.
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