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I'm having a pretty horrible weekend off a horrible week.

Still doing ALL THE WORK. I've spent at least 65 hours this week trying to work, of which 37 have been actually logged on the work site and I still have about half a day of assignments left. So this is a break to talk about the stuff I've been doing on my brain-is-broken breaks.

1. Emily Owens, M.D. Once upon a time in 2012 I wanted to watch this, but of course I didn't have the follow-through and then I gave up when it got axed within weeks. I just found the 5-minute promo trailer on YouTube and was so excited by it that I started plotting to binge watch the entire series immediately -- Mamie Gummer is the darlingest!! Also wow, good crush choice -- but then being the impatient shipper I am I went ahead and skipped to this Emily/Will video that includes scene clips w/ dialogue. My heart shot the moon, and then I got to the end, and damned if I didn't immediately get over both him and them for[spoiler]going to a gross hookup place.Boom. Done. Hands clean in ten minutes. It is probably better I did not suffer through gross sweat jokes (that alone validates its cancellation, honestly) or Dr. McNerd Boring Face, who in contrast to Will instantly makes me understand every story ever where jocks are popular and nerds are picked on.

2. Part of the reason my week has been so bad is that I threw caution to the wind after my last post and not only watched the first 5 episodes straight through, I started skipping through the next couple of discs in search of Ryan/Marissa, and then went down a straight damn rabbit hole of O.C. nostalgia. All the series on my "I wanna rewatch it someday list" that I've been thinking about for years, and this one that I wasn't even thinking about a month ago is the one that makes the cut?

(I might not actually get any farther than these 5 watching straight through, but at least I saw these)

I tried to keep track of myself by writing down the random reactions that flew through my head, but it's too disorganized to post so just know that I have
been on a whirlwind blaze through clips from all 4 seasons on a Ryan-centric track (Seth/Summer is cordoned off for later), avoiding everything I know I dislike and convincing myself it's a way better show in the process. (The worst part is it really does start out as a great show. These first few episodes are amazing quality. I just can't remember where or how it starts to degrade until it goes full on nuts)

My ship radar is also going bonkers and getting whiplash from trying to process everything. I am actually missing Ryan/Marissa -- and high key frustrated that a dude that amazing just...literally never...ever...connected with a girl I not only believed he had genuine feelings for but was a good match for him. He is stuck in an infinite cycle of White Knighting and casual hookups. I feel like the show tried to prove Taylor was different, but she was...Taylor, so that was never gonna fly. And their whole relationship is weird and patchy enough to fall under the hookups field.

I'm also baffled to (re)learn that Ryan and Marissa were actually dating again in season 3. That whole time that I was Marissa/Johnny trash, I have somehow failed to recognize that the reason there was so much angst was her having a boyfriend. Who was being ridiculously patient and supportive at the time. Did I just block it out? I must have, though I have very few solid blog records to tell me. I can't decide if it's The Best to fly two ships at once, or just exquisite torture to try and choose because neither are settled enough to be fully happy.

Finally, I gotta say, the fics I recced back in the day of 2006/2007 really hold up well. I still think L is for Learning is the best pre-series oneshot out there. And oh, look! I wrote myself fics! Flaming Angel, like every other even semi-romantic thing I have written in my life, makes me cringe too much to finish reading -- but Keep Pretending has me giving it a sharp nod of commendation. I think China Blue's got good bones too, but I am even less certain of the canon now than I was when I wrote it.

[spoiler cut in case you do not want to hear about spiders, even ones I am not very scared of]3.There is a small spider hanging out in a little web underneath the power strip I have screwed into the wall. As long as they are far from my bed, I usually let this kind of spider live because they have about as much substance as a Daddy Longlegs but with shorter legs, and I figure they must keep some kind of worse pest out of my way. That said, I just examined what looked like a bunch of tiny dust bunnies no bigger than a pinhead caught in her web and confirmed they're actually about 20 tiny baby spiders.

...I feel like I should be more freaked out than I am. I feel like I do not want 20+ spiders leaving their web-nest in my bedroom, yet I also feel like I don't want to deal with vacuum noise until daylight. The latter is winning. I hope I don't regret it. On the other hand, I did not know that there are spiders that keep their babies with them when they hatch, and I am getting a cool nature lesson.
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