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Maybe this week will end slightly less horribly.

I got a full 23 hours between stopping work on Sunday and starting again Monday, so even though I spent 12 of them asleep, I feel like getting to take a walk and read a book and a half and even sneak in some fandoming was worth it. Presently I've gone as far as I can efficiently go on tomorrow's stuff -- I need a bunch of replies and/or for businesses to be open so I can call them in order to finish anything -- but of course I am not tired on account of sleeping until 10 AM, so I'm going to make myself...even less tired by typing, instead of the sensible and proven sleep-inducing method of retreating to bed and watching something.

Books continue to pile up faster than I can read them, which is particularly frustrating because often I check out books due to specific cravings, but as I can only read 1 or 2 a week at most when work is like this, the craving often passes before I can get to the book. For instance, those two lesbian books I requested in, like, May, that I KNOW at this point I'm probably not going to read this summer if at all, but still am stubborn enough to hoard until their renewals expire. Tuck Everlasting is such a short little thing I could finish it in under an hour, but I want to take two, because the point of this reread is to enjoy the experience, not simply download the story to my brain. For once, I know the story; I want to savor every sentence.

I just finished rereading the original pair of Ann Turnbull's 17th century YA Quaker romance novels (No Shame, No Fear and Forged in the Fire), and now I'm hot to trot on the third book I just learned existed -- it apparently wasn't even published in the U.S., but there are 4 library copies here anyway, and while MN usually only does intra-state interlibrary loans, they were willing to play nice with North Dakota and get it for me. I picked it up today and it's all shiny and perfect in its pristine paperback-ness. I'm terrified to open it and I know I'm gonna bend a corner before it goes back, which is such an awful feeling, even though it only takes the tiniest bump to ding a paperback's corner.

I keep longingly eyeing the pair of O.C. books I know I can't waste time on when there are pending library due dates, yet continue to peer at anyway. I have a feeling I can read and release Spring Break, and it would be nice to eliminate one.

Meanwhile, when I went to check out the first Turnbull book, I couldn't resist peeking at the YA section (since I got it from a branch in the neighboring county), and a pair of books immediately fell into my lap: 45 Pounds (More or Less), which I have peeked at enough to know it's gonna be a pretty breezy yet well structured story about family issues and acceptance with some diet motivation thrown in, and What Light, which I feel like I can probably use as a vehicle for at least one O.C. character even though this is not the right time of year to read a Christmas book.


One of the ways I've been keeping myself sane -- albeit probably not very wisely, because I should really be work-focused until 5 and then break -- is to watch 1-3 episodes of afternoon sitcoms. Recently The Middle aired the season 4 premiere, which is about Frankie desperately trying to get her family to experience the "this" of summer, and let me tell you, it immediately makes you grateful for how much summer you have left where you could still try to do the same.

Another episode I really like in that season is "The Hose," not for the title plot but because that episode begins and ends with Frankie taking a stroll around the neighborhood and talking about how it really clears your head. And let me tell you, I needed that, too. The reminder that every time I take a walk does not, in fact, have to be an intense hour or more of 3mph exercise in a pretty place that takes me 10 minutes to drive to -- it will do me a great deal of mental health (and still a touch of physical health!) to just take a leisurely half hour stroll at some point during the day to get me the hell of this machine and the stale air of my room. I failed at doing this today, despite the beautiful weather. But maybe tomorrow I will.


My Ryan Atwood-themed O.C. spiral eventually sent me back to here, where I remembered a certain episode 1x06 that involved him with a very pretty girl who somehow managed to pull off the bed-sharing trope by batting her distressed-damsel eyelashes at Ben McKenzie's character. Two things:

1) I never actually saw season 4, but that scene was absolutely the zenith of the series. Called it.
2) I still cannot believe that is an actual thing that happened on my television.

I would say more but this might be the oldest review where I'm impressed at how perfectly Past Me articulated everything. Go listen to her. Also, if you happen to click that link, could you tell me if the images still show up? I can still see all my Photobucket-hosted pics on this journal and I'm wondering if it's due to my cache or if PB just hasn't taken action on my account yet.

4. In unrelated news, last night I dreamed about going to a thrift store and finding a slew of very inexpensive My Little Ponies ripe for the grabbing. At this point, I think "finding a trove of vintage toys I collect for cheap" has officially eclipsed both "meeting my ex-best friend again and reconciling" and "finding out I have to do another class/semester of college to get my diploma" as my most frequent recurring dream. And by far the most pleasant, at least until I wake up frustrated instead of relieved it was just a dream.
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