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You don't have to live forever, you just have to live.

It much stronger stuff than I am made of to not bawl my eyes out at the end of Tuck Everlasting. I read the book last night and definitely cried, but I watched the movie today and lost it. I cannot even choose which version I love more; Winnie's age and other changes for the movie make them distinctly alternate branches of the same story, but the throughline is the same. The book fills up every inch of the spirit with the sensation of having your life irrevocably changed by what you've read, but the movie just turns you inside and out and wrings you out to dry. It's not even that it's sadder than it needs to be or that I want the story to end any other way, it's just that the inevitability is gutwrenching.

(also, SCORE! I was able to root out my 11th grade journal to confirm my original impressions of the movie, along with verifying my suspicions that I saw it before ever reading the book, but had always meant to read the book as a kid, and just got sidetracked when I found The Trouble With Tuck instead.)

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