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Personal Fandom History Expeditions: The O.C.

Somewhere in my posession, I hope, is a notebook where I scribbled a few live-viewing Rantviews from season 1. I remember looking at it during my cleaning binge at the beginning of the year. I really, really hope I did not end up deciding I would never look at them again(well, I hadn't in over a decade!) and recycle it the way I definitely remember considering doing. See, this is why that tip about how you won't miss stuff you haven't looked at X period of time is garbage. (edit: *screeches* I FOUND IT!!!)

I wonder if my regular journals make any mention of it. I feel like they might have once or twice, but it definitely would not have been extensive.

I know it's in my Xanga archives, though the question is when, where, and how often. Lemme give it a quick test...OH HEY. Some Totally Forgotten History from September 21, 2003, which per Wiki would have been written during the break between episodes 7 and 8. Let me me bring you some highlights, edited and paraphrased because 17-Year-Old Me's writing style is even less fit for public consumption than my current one's.

  • Seeing previews for this series, I snorted, "Well, that looks stupid."  I specifically did not watch the pilot episode.  However, for lack of anything else even slightly watchable on TV the next week, I watched episode 2 and "Wow, I just couldn't look away.  It had so much action, even though it's nothing like my life, that I couldn't believe it when the hour was over." I began watching weekly from there and was very impressed until the sex-laden gross-out fest of episode 6 came along.

  • Sandy and Ryan were the only characters whose names I knew after 3 weeks

  • My first impressions of Marissa were that "I didn't really like her -- she's just too fake," but after she slept with Luke I realized "at least she was innocent before. Now I just look at her and it's like...gross." However, in episode 7 I thought she became a lot more realistic and sympathetic and I started to genuinely like her. (I wonder how long this lasted, hmm.)

  • I hated Summer and thought she was bitchy and awful up until episode 7, when she "gained a heart."

  • I didn't think Luke was attractive, "and even if he was, how could you get past his arrogance?" Sounds about right.

  • My initial thoughts on Ryan and Marissa: "I like the dancing around.  It's the junior version of Mulder and Scully -- no kissing, just looks and touches and words.  MY kind of romance viewing."

  • I thought episode 7 (TIJUANA) was stupid at first due ot the title escapades, but somewhere in between the time Ryan and Marissa woke up spooning like sleepy lil' baby cats and when he was carrying her half-dead ass out of an alley, my heart got flip-turned upside down and this show went from a pretty enjoyable thing I was watching weekly to The Best Damn Thing That My Eyes Had Ever Seen

  • I was straight up ready to quit this show if Marissa died in TJ, entirely because Ryan's potential to be a Nice Kind Boyfriend was basically my only incentive for continuing to watch at that point


  • As soon as Ryan and Marissa actually started dating and "making out all the time," I switched to constantly wanting to squirt them with a spray bottle and started to care only about Seth's scenes..

  • My notes do say I really enjoyed the Thanksgiving and Christmas episodes, though

  • The only time I mention the show after episode 13 is to say, after 21, that "it's getting disgusting and stupid" and I'm dropping it

  • (I'm reasonably certain that means I hated Oliver and the whole Seth's-virginity storyline, but possibly also whatever Julie Cooper was doing)

  • I apparently came back at some point because it's listed on my fall watch list for 2004, but no other mention is made through December and that's as far as I'm willing to search, since I have to open the archive one month at a time.

In other news...I am so very glad I invested in these DVD sets. To just have all this material at my fingertips, the second I want it, not having to renew it every week and/or give it back after 3...
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