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Pardon me, I gotta go deconstruct somebody's IMDB page.


OUTTA MY WAY, JERKASS! (warning: the Simpsons clip was removed for copyright so I have replaced it with a more direct link. However, it features Trump, so fair warning if you wanna open i na new tab and not look directly at it)

(I'm not saying I wouldn't give anything to have him in the actual lead role, because Adrian Grenier's getting plum Hot Action Dude / Head Of Family work here, but this movie appeals to me on its own merits so he can just be a bonus feature)

Let's see what else we got here:
There's Junebug, which I've already seen. I didn't like it as a whole but I can't remember if his & Amy Adams' characters were worth separating out from the chaff.

Johnny Got His Gun looks right up my alley. It also looks like an old and rare indie no library system near me will have. Maybe Netflix? IDK. On second thought, I just found the trailer and what it actualy looks like is less "enjoyable movie" and more "what you'd see if you hung out and watched Ben McKenzie in an acting class just to appreciate his face." But I have watched worse in the past decade for the purpose of enjoying people's faces.

...I really feel like that's it. Everything else seems to be very much bit parts. Which is OK, as I applaud his ability to spend most of his time landing lead roles on multiple TV shows with staying power.

(Still deciding whether Gotham is worth suffering through. I already made this decision ("no") when it premiered and cemented this decision after his weird baby-producing adulterous affair with Morena Baccarin* when I already didn't think they had screen chemistry**, but it's not going away, so maybe I'll have to give in.)
*a.k.a. "in true Billy Burke fashion." Why are there two of them in my acting hall of fame.
**edit: I completely unintentionally pictured her as Rosa while reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay where he was Kavalier, and through this back channel accidentally tricked myself into seeing their chemistry. Mindtraps! How do they work?
OK, so this was going to be a strictly McKenzie-focused tour, but it reminded me how glad I am that I've already seen In The Land of Women and confirmed my suspicions that its appearance of being an AU Seth Cohen film is pretty much dead on. And now we're an Adam Brody tour, because my god, that guy is prolific for someone under 40. First of all, just from the stuff I've already seen:

* Gilmore Girls (DAVE/LANE OTP OR BUST)
* The Oranges (if you think there weren't at least 8 reasons I watched that...)
* Life Partners (AND I actually own this movie. I found it at the dollar store. I am so happy right now.)
* Seeking a Friend For the End of the World (You'd think I'd already done the Adam Brody tour on purpose. He's just really good at being in stuff that appeals to me?)

Now, as for things I did not know about and would totally / possibly watch:
* Judging Amy! An episode way back in '01, peak Seth appearance.
* Grind. Oh, man. This looks terrible, but also it features Mike Vogel, so now it has TWO major star points in its favor.
* GROUNDED FOR LIFE?? 2-episode spot! Hand it over.
* An episode of The Loop; you mean that thing Eric Christian Olsen and future wife were also in? Ugh, fine, that's a 3-fer; that overrides a dumb premise.
* An episode of New Girl??
* "Some Girl(s)". Um....yes? Look at all these great TV ladies in the mix. Do I look like a person who's going to turn down like 8 potential hookups with one A-list guy in one film? Because I am not. Play me this field. (note: hooking up not required. conversations about prior hookups will do. I'm just saying, if any of these conversations go somewhere else, that's cool)
* Growing Up and Other Lies: SHUT UP it's got Amber Tamblyn and Danny Masterson on the poster too? I don't even care what it's about.
* And listed as status: "post-production," the very newest, The Wanting. A young couple's dream of starting a family shatters as they descend into the depths of paranoia and must struggle to survive an evil presence that wants nothing more than their very own
Uh, that would be a YES from me even if he didn't have lead billing, which it appears he does.

And there are more, of course; all told, 69 credits in under 20 years. That's insane. This is like the longest IMDB page I've ever scanned. Hollywood doesn't usually agree with me on who's awesome acting-wise; how did this happen?
I'm not even going to go to Rachel Bilson's page, because I know where I can find her. Starring in Hart of Dixie, where they did her so extremely wrong on love interests that I actually cannot watch her be wonderful in what I know is a wonderful show. Also occasionally popping up as a favorite guest star in HIMYM reruns, one random episode of That 70s Show, what I'm pretty sure is a horrible Zach Braff movie The Last Kiss, and...okay, fine IMDB, tell me. What else? Ah, a new role on Nashville and some possibly palatable chick flicks. Yeah, all in all, I really like her career trajectory.  Solid work, stuff I would choose and stuff I would watch, etc. I pretty much think she is a quality human being all around.
And after going this far, I might as well ask about Mischa Barton. Presumably her acting has gotten better since she was 20, and honestly, I am finding her really enchanting right now on The O.C. like never before, so my shameful grudge match against her (I BLAME POP CULTURE WEBSITES' INFLUENCE) is gone. Tell me what she's got. I suspect it isn't much.

...okay, actually there is a crapload, and not just because apparently she's been acting since age 10, and it looks like a lot of cute kid stuff in the early days. I can't even handle how many things she's been in. Mostly I want to focus on the fact that SHE WAS ON LAW AND ORDER SVU?? Why don't I remember this? It was 2010! I was watching by 2010, right?

That's OK, was able to look up the old review: Mischa Barton's ep was much better - how curious!  I feel like I've almost missed seeing her on my screen! ... I really liked Mischa in this.  A lot.  Gladys somehow became a fascinating character from the moment she stepped on screen.  Was Marissa like this too?  Should I rewatch The O.C., or has she improved since then?  Or am I the only one who enjoyed this performance?

But now I am tired, so I will explore her career another day.
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