RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

"You wanna make a list, Seth?"

Once upon a time, the library system had an option to add items to "my list," which was a very helpful way to keep track of stuff you wanted to check out at some point, but didn't necessarily want to request right at that moment. Then they implemented a new social-media-esque infrastructure called MyDiscoveries, which replaced that feature with the option to create an account where you could name and create different lists and also make them public if so desired, as well as write and share reviews with other library users.

A few weeks ago, they got rid of MyDiscoveries, but they have not restored My List, and it is making me SO UPSET. I keep stumbling upon things I want to check out, but because I can never keep track of where my 19 mini notebooks are at any given moment, I don't have any easy way of recording them, so I keep forgetting them. I only have THREE items checked out right now, two of which I have to give back in 3 days, and somehow that makes me very anxious. (even though getting down to 0 items has been my ostensible goal for years, so I have no excuse not to read the books I own, or revisit old faves)

So. Here's what I need to check out next time I go, hopefully today:

  • DVD: Goodbye World

  • DVD: The Conjuring 2

  • DVD: Southland (again, 'cause someone stole it back after a week. I wasn't done with Ben/Daisy!!)

  • The Miseducation of Cameron Post, because I finally started it and it's great, but my 9 weeks are about up so I need to swap it out for a different copy.

  • Sisters, Ink number 3 - request needed

  • A History of Wolves (? - need to press "go" on my suspended request)

  • The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (I just want to look at it. I 100% do not want to punish myself with 600+ pages of literary fiction by a dude featuring dudes just because Seth Cohen told me to.) (Maybe I can convince boyfriend to read it. Honestly, it looks like something he would)

  • CD: Various O.C. mixes

  • CD: Halsey, Badlands (I've been listening to it on my computer a lot lately and I'd like it to keep me company in the car, too)

  • If I Stay.I have resisted reading this for an eternity because I'm irrationally bitter about every contemporary YA novel that gets famous while my 5-star babies languish in obscurity, but it turns out the sequel looks AMAZING, and I would like to be patient and go in order

  • Call of the Wilde mystery series by Laura Morrigan. janusfiles dared me recommended it.

  • Okay for Now - Gary Schmidt

From Interlibrary Loan

  • Sisters, Ink  number 4 (I gotta time this one very carefully with number 3 to ensure I can get both read in the 3-week limit)

  • The O.C.: The Misfit

  • Pirates of the Caribbean: The Price of Freedom

  • Bel Ria, to reread because I remember loving it in high school, but not a single iota of why

  • Running Loose: Chris Crutcher (I'M GOING FOR IT)

Also I CANNOT BELIEVE I FORGOT TO START CHECKING THE CATALOG FOR THE NEXT RIZZOLI & ISLES BOOK. I've literally been looking at it all summer on Goodreads, going "soon! it's gonna be published in August, finally! SOOOOON!", but I completely forgot that books go in the system before they are acquired -- and if they're popular enough, even before publication -- and as a result I am now looking at a minimum 2 month wait after it enters circulation, and publication isn't even for 2 weeks. But at least I'm in line, I guess.

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