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The O.C. Dispatch for August 6

1. I found my old notebook of S.1 Rantviews. I just had an absolute blast reading them all (various episodes from 1x08-23) and laughing at how FURIOUS 17-year-old Me is about the notion of teenagers making out, particularly in horizontal fashion (or at least of having to watch it). I am so upset. I regularly express myself with pencil scribbles of PURE RAGE at how "gross" this show has become, while 31-year-old Me is going through them like "what? what are you talking about? What Grey's Anatomy-level grossness are you seeing, because everyone I see generally has their shirt on and isn't filmed below the waist." I would not change a thing about my original reaction, though. High five for your morals. More fun for me because now I have Brand New Shipper Scenes to enjoy for the very first time years later.

(I would also like it noted that Grey's Anatomy is still my boundary level when it comes to explicit sexuality. Maybe when I am 55 I will be old enough to tolerate naked people.) (Doubt it.)

2. Hmm. Now I wonder if I have any teen magazines that might features this cast. I feel like my acquisition of those peaked in '02, but I might have rescued a few from college recycling bins between 06 and 08. See, yet more reasons to hang on to old paper materials!

3. "Sad Beautiful Tragic" is one of my least favorite Taylor Swift songs ever. It is always at the bottom of the pecking order, constantly skipped over, booed out of town for being too slow and killing my music buzz.

But let me tell you.

Now that I've seized upon some of the the lyrics as relevant for Ryan/Marissa (they had a beautiful tragic love affair!)...unfollow my account now, this is gonna be the only thing I play for the next year.

Distance, timing, breakdown, fighting
Silence, this train runs off its tracks
Kiss me, try to fix it, could you just try to listen?
Hang up, give up, for the life of us we can't get back

4. Honestly, I want to do learn Photoshop just so I can do a whole series of lyric-based imagery posts, because I am in a real "all the songs make sense" place with this ship. Another one I really like is the bridge from Lana del Rey's "WIthout You"

We were two kids just tryin' to get out
Live on the dark side of the American dream

(actually, I started out thinking this was more applicable to Ryan and Theresa, but it works both ways, depending whether you think of dark side as the poverty-laden rough area, or the seedy side of corruption among the rich and powerful)

5. The hardest thing about season 1 is that it starts out determined that these kids are in 11th grade, hammering that point home over and over and over again throughout the entirety of season 1, until it gets renewed and everyone at TPTB goes "oh shit what if we get renewed again; we don't want them out of high school already; RETCON ALL THE THINGS!" You literally can't convince yourself they're only in 10th grade because the explicit references to the contrary are so distracting. You just gotta go with the Time Turner flow and accept that somehow everyone is redoing that year in season 2.

6. Zoo? What is a Zoo? I made it halfway through episode 3 this year before work took over in a cyclone storm, and while I was in the middle of that, O.C. was my only refuge and before I could get out of the work cyclone, this madness had taken root and clobbered last year's favorite pet right out of my life.

It's clobbered out everything, honestly. My fall shows, the ones that made all my shipper dreams come true last year, are back to shooting, and instead of being explosively curious, I'm still all, ", who cares." Which is terrible and makes it look like I got bored with domestic happiness, which is ABSOLUTELY UNTRUE, it's just that I like to self-sabotage when I'm happy with TV. The O.C. is amazing, but it's a great big pile of pain. In a hurts-so-good way, somehow, the same time, you know basically everything good is gonna go through a world of hurt and many of them are gonna end that way.
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