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Oops, my finger slipped.

The library apparently doesn't have The O.C., but I may have just casually happened upon season 4 on eBay for $3.68 including shipping, and now it's maybe on its way to me to complete my collection. I'm pretty sure less than six minutes passed between the discovery and the decision. I can't be entirely positive I even made sure it was shipping from the U.S. or that it was a region 1 disc, I was just so delighted to find it at rock-bottom pricing. Literally the only way it could get cheaper is if it's $2 at the HPB warehouse sale, and besides being 2 months away, I have never seen season 4 stocked there.

I mean, sure, it makes my soul feel gross to have Accepted Love Interest Taylor that close to me, but I want a higher quality visual of The Night Moves. Also I whipped myself into a frenzy today reading about the first 3 episodes of that season, which I'm pretty sure I never saw because they look amazing as far as being deadly serious about acknowledging the fallout of S3, wholly unlike the nonsensical mess that followed. (On second thought, I must have known about them a little in order to write Keep Pretending, but if I did, I have done a good job forgetting everything beyond Summer's role in them).

The latest addition to my "synopses of novels that could exist based on this show if the show didn't exist" features a plot that about grief recovery that starts with the deadly car crash, makes liberal use of happy flashback to establish their relationship, and follows the general arc of these 3 episodes but ends in a Taylor-free place of returning to normalcy with the help of family.

....and now I'm wasting time googling for real YA novels in which a boy is getting over the death of his girlfriend. Naturally I know of at least two that go the other way around, but I've lost count of how many times I've fruitlessly tried to find a male protagonist in the right scenario, because I can't find decent male narrators in fiction even without imposing conditions.

All right, after 10 minutes, I've got one link to "18 YA novels with car crashes" and another claiming "Teen fiction about grief," so let's see if they yield anything.

1. Ashes to Ashes: it's a female ghost protagonist, and it gets all mixed up in weird Vengeful Spirit Good vs. Evil nonsense, but it also says: Here she meets a striking and mysterious ghost named Thatcher, who is meant to guide her as she learns to haunt and bring peace to the loved ones she left behind.With Thatcher at her side, Callie watches in agony while her father, her best friend, and her boyfriend mourn her SO ANYWAY I have all of those stock characters locked and loaded for Marissa. (Honestly, even if Thatcher is some weird Hot Boy Ghost, I got Ghost Johnny in my back pocket, so.)

2. OH MAN. I never cast anybody in particular for Amy & Roger's Epic Detour. And it always bugged me that they slept together. I can arrange for a way for that to not bug me.

3. Running Loose, which as a Chris Crutcher novel I am leery about, just as I am leery about the prominence of football. But damned if it doesn't ring a bunch of other bells:Louie Banks has it made.He's got a starting spot on the football team, good friends, and a smart, beautiful girlfriend who loves him as much as he loves her. Early in the fall, he sees all his ideas of fair play go up in smoke; by spring, what he cares about most has been destroyed. How can Louie keep going when he's lost everything?
Like, honestly, that's even better than my dream summary. Probably has less attempted murder as a coping mechanism, also.

Finally, I read through all my S4 reviews that are on this journal, and boy, that was a trip and a half on top of reminding me why I was so "twenty thumbs down!!" on this series by the time it shuffled off this mortal coil. Right now my chief complaint is the existence of Frank. I didn't like him then, and I like their choice to introduce him as Genial Goof Kevin Sorbo so much less now in direct contrast to the, idk, basically monster he is implied to be in S1. But on the bright side, I am pleased by how much of my own writing can still tolerate reading, given that it was an entire decade ago and LJ was much less severe than Tumblr about shaming young'uns out of their tendency toward offensive remarks and/or embarrassing themselves with emotional gushing.

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