RS (rainbowstevie) wrote,

Guess who spent all night trolling through her DVDs with no particular game plan.

I am nowhere done luxuriating in my S1 DVD, and I was really planning to save season 2 for the very enjoyable experience of actually watching it straight through for the first time, but I ended up accidentally spoiling myself pretty good on the high quality of Seth-Ryan Time that year, and suddenly I was cannonballing in with my usual inelegant method of ripping episodes apart in search of good scenes. I ended up encountering Lindsay, and now that I've remembered she existed for more than 2 weeks...


It is a balm upon my soul after the end of S1. I know there is side drama because of her family lineage, and possibly Marissa-related drama I don't know about because I am screening that girl out HARD before her sad state of affairs can drag me down, but so far all I have seen is wave after wave of Happy Ryan. He doesn't have to save her or fix the world when she's around, he just gets to let go and have fun. And meanwhile, Lindsay gets to live a YA novel and believe this cute guy could actually be someone special. Where did I put that standard its-so-beautiful sobbing gif?

I know I am going to bum hard for her sake when it ends (although I feel like I will not bum long, because I just this very moment learned that Marissa gets to stake her rightful claim for at least few episodes at the end of the year!), but right now I am gonna kick my feet up and praise their ability to score equally high on the Checklist of Cute and the Scorching Chemistry charts. On that latter note, I have never more sincerely slammed my fist on a table and supported a smart girl's decision to forget studying and jump the guy's bones.

2. Somehow I went full blown idiot and took myself into the first two episodes of Kirsten's rehab, so I guess I'm gonna cry myself to sleep tonight. I can't
believe how much that hurts. How can one supermom have to take on so much pain that in less than 2 years she goes from being the family anchor to a crumbling pile of rubble, and why should she have to. Why does this universe have to hurt its best occupants so much while the worst thing that ever happened to Seth was he didn't get to go to his first choice college.

3. It does, however, ache in the best possible way to watch Sandy through all of this. He must do something wrong somewhere in the series, because everyone screws up eventually, but not here. Here he is an amazing rock of stability. Those are some husband goals.

4. Moving on. Like way on. Like randomly into season 3 on. And now that I know the context of the Tiki Hut nonsense it has gone back to being the worst. THIS was your response to it being Marissa's last night before moving to Hawaii? Rrrrrargh, I guess my mushy shipper notions can only override my natural anti-teens-sleeping-together/"if your relationship is on the verge of probably ending why would you wanna throw in more awkward" stance for so long.

5. ...frick, I think I've ruined Johnny for myself after the info dump from 2x18-3x08 I just laid at my feet. Ryan has gone through too much hell and fought too hard to be a stellar boyfriend in spite of it in the episodes leading up to Mr. Harper to have to put up with this too. I don't remember who instigates their final breakup instead of just letting outside tragedy fix the situation, but I hope that by the time I find out I can learn to deal with it, because right now that is a defeat I cannot endure.

6. BRB gonna go watch the episode where Ryan's skittish about applying to college because he isn't ready to leave the Cohens and/or Marissa. Chase that feeling and chase it hard! If only you had gone in that direction before circumstances forced you to under worse conditions.

7. Also the end of that episode has them all crammed onto one twin bed again and *sobs* why can't you children just stay happily coupled up for all eternity afterward

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