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I'm just gonna go with a running commentary.

I'm using this LJ to document my descent into madness, doing my best to ignore the possibility that people are actually reading it, but I'm still going faster than my fingers can keep up and there are gaps in the record, so maybe this method will help as I continue to hop, skip and jump through whatever looks most exciting at any given moment.

1. Theresa is in exactly one episode of S2 after the premiere, and even while I'm sitting here being frustrated about Ryan's refusal to swallow his pride and accept whatever Marissa tells him, these two spend 5 minutes together and I'm already hollering at how good they are and why they can't just fall in love. It's just so easy with her. (I mean, despite the reminder that Theresa apparently lied some more about moving away to give them a clean break -- I am pretty sure Marissa is not the only girl who has let him go while breaking her own heart -- and the other reminder of the baby that is 100% Ryan's no matter how hard canon yells otherwise, which is just a kick in the teeth.)

2. Prom: in which I will never get over Ryan's tendency to bury his face in her shoulder. The mild height difference created by Marissa's heels leads to a lot of adorable with these two.

3. Also yiiiiikes I was never made entirely aware of how awful Attempted Rapist Trey is. Like, really well done as far as showing me how a threat can create trauma even if the action isn't complete, but also hard to watch.

4. I really like how you can actually watch the crazy appear in Ryan's eyes when he finds out about it, though. It's eerie.  And now I'm gonna go be heartbroken in a new way at "I would've done anything for you." I haven't seen most of Trey's episodes yet, but I can see why the writers wanted to unpack that relationship, because it's a fascinating push/pull between love and hate.

5. Speaking of which, I just successfully located the mystery gif of Ryan leaning into Sandy's shoulder, not actually all the way up to returning the hug but seeking support, and it's due to Trey leaving. okay, now I am really fascinated by the tangled emotional cocktail there. Dude tried to rape his girlfriend, pulled a gun on him, actively attempted to murder him, and then actively attempted to frame him for attempted murder (which in fairness, Ryan might have been guilty of considering), and he still loves him in spite of it all. Once more with feeling:

6. Hey, skipping several months ahead, how great would this show have been if Johnny had just been as good as Ryan was about stamping on his own feelings and pushing Marissa back to her boyfriend, and the two guys had genuinely become friends? (a.k.a "Ryan slugging Volchok for him on the beach was right up there, for me, with punching out Luke to help Seth")

7. Oh no. I have just discovered that Marissa slept with Volchok. Possibly more than once; uggggerrrggh, god, WHY, why was I forced to know this. or relearn. I may have known and successfully forgotten.
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