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  • I have lost track of how many hours I've spent reading Kavalier & Clay so far, but it's somewhere well north of 6 and I am still only 2/3rds of the way through it. I love it. How did this happen?? (here is a hint)

  • Today I succumbed to temptation and bought a pumpkin cupcake with cream cheese frosting. The frosting had mostly melted off in the heat by the time I got to the park to enjoy it while reading my book, but there's too much frosting on cupcakes anyway, so no great loss. The cupcake itself tasted like promises of fall. A good decision.

  • When a 5-minute rain spatter drove me off the bench to protect to the book, I went walking instead, and took myself on a strolling tour of Big Money houses for an hour or so. McMansions are the kind of development I can get behind. They're still a little gaudy, and you can tell they were all built on a swath of cleared land around the same time, but if it's a choice between those and rows of awful townhomes with an HOA, rows of Monopoly houses cut from the same blueprint and jammed next to each other, or another senior home, I will take the ones that all look unique and have 2-3 stories with majestic architecture and expensive exterior building materials in a heartbeat, thank you.

  • Your pure OC moment of the day is this darling video tribute to Ryan the White Knight set to "Bubbly," and if you think that sounds like an absolutely ridiculous song choice, your instincts match mine and your mind is about to be blown because of how damnably perfectly this vidder not only matches lyrics to footage, but makes you realize that this song exactly captures the sensation of his relationships when they're happy. It'd be perfect if Theresa were included, but regardless, I have watched it 6 times and I don't even like this song.

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