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Zoo 3x02

Retroactively jamming this review into my LJ from Tumblr 6 weeks late because THAT'S JUST HOW I DO.

The biggest problem so far with this show both a) airing on Thursdays and b) no longer being a ship-withholding jerk is that when I’m not watching it live, I find myself wanting to just rip the episode apart in search of the Mitch/Jamie scenes. Why dutifully trudge through plot when I could just get to the choicest morsels immediately?

I hate this feeling, because I’ve actually always enjoyed the wacky plots on Zoo, but now everything is so overwhelmingly complicated and chaotic, making it feel like you actually skipped a season or two and just picked it back up without filling yourself in, that I find myself wanting to take the easy feast.  I’m going to try to work on this for next week. In the meantime, guess who gets the lion’s share of thoughts.

Not My Daughter? You Bitch

I mean, I GUESS I am not surprised that IADG Clem is the fake one and I GUESS I can see how it’s even more poignant for him to wear his heart all over his sleeve for a trickster because he is too desperate to be the father she deserves and not miss out on one more second with her to question it, but also: ow?

(bt-dubs I have been thinking since late season 2 that the parking ticket story was gonna be relevant as proof somehow!! And SO MAD that I never posted that theory so I could link to it and look super smrt. I even had it in my review last week, but then I took it out to I could make the post less wordy.)

Tell The World I’m Coming Home

The awkward no-time-to-actually-have-emotions reunion scene was a bit of a letdown, but it got better. I am once again at a complete and utter loss to describe how much I like everything Mitch and Jamie’s faces are doing once they’re back on the plane, especially after he puts on the glasses.

Petition to forget the rest of the cast exists and just have Mitch/Jamie/Clementine save the world as a badass little family? Because these golden scenes with just the three of them are everything my heart has ever wanted. I actually do not know how to handle Mitch finally having both of them in the same space. It’s been 84 years…

I really love Jamie’s eyes going to the one visible weal (also thanks for the open neckline there; I am shameless and all) and filling with tears upon asking what happened / vowing to make them pay. I don’t know that I totally love the Jamie who is willing to imprison and torture people who are not Logan, regardless of her reasons and whether they are worse than Logan, but I also recognize that I have fanned myself over at least 47 fictional dudes who have vowed this sort of thing, so maybe I should gender equality it up.

(also: “they kept you away from me.” !! she does tack on “away from the world” shortly afterward, but definitely not hastily enough to make it sound like she didn’t mean to say the first part. :D )

Meanwhile I have no idea what to do with the possibility of Clem being pregnant beyond “!!!!!” but please know that I will 100% take a Mitch grandbaby in lieu of a 20-year gap between kids. Would actually prefer it at this point.

And Some Other Stuff

  • wow look at all these tender romantic Jackson scenes that I have to put straight in the time capsule and bury below the earth (when will my shipping radar return from the war)

  • (probably just in time for this to blow up in ~Dylan’s~ face as he loses it all)

  • (also oh my god are you telling me that after all of the crap in season 2, Jackson then had to endure SO MUCH MORE CRAP that he had to flee underground and change his identity? …that might help me with the shipping, actually)

  • I still have absolutely no understanding of what Abe and Dariela’s arc is, but look at all these amazing Kid Scenarios that match 90% of the reason I pondered, last year, what it would be like if Audra and Justin were to both die so that the team would be forced to accommodate Clementine and how to protect her into their adventures. (I never thought it would actually happen, and I definitely did not expect that when it did things would go immediately to hell, but something late and different is better than nothing)

  • Do you know what kind of willpower it takes to sit through scenes Logan is in? So much that I actually skipped them the first time around until I realized I could not afford to miss that much plot.

  • Sophina Brown has been my goddess since I randomly went from hating to loving her in the last season of Numb3rs, and now I love her always, so I’m hoping this will lessen the pain of her character’s WHAT THE FLYING EVIL REIDEN CHILD-ABDUCTING FUCKERY-ness.

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