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Zoo 3x03

Previously on Zoo in RS'S Livejournal: I sneaked my review for 3x02 in after realizing I had only posted it to Tumblr. I also posted one short Feeling Explosion to Tumblr in the middle of this episode, which is as far as I got before I forced myself to stop and deal with a work-nado, and before I could claw my way back I heard "Welcome to the O.C., bitch," and that's the last thing I remember before waking up from my coma 6 weeks later. That is the story I'm sticking with.

Claims that I may have woken up briefly to comment on bits of episodes 4 and 8 are unsubstantiated because officially, until tonight I had not yet finished episode 3. (and that is the actual truth. I technically got to the end back in July, but only because I tore it apart for Mitch/Jamie content just like I feared I would, and left the rest to spoil. Guilt may have played a part in my inability to come out of the coma.)

Originally Planned Opening Statement: Hey, remember when this show was was about weird mutant animals and not bizarre government conspiracies to abduct and experiment on children? Because I do. This is not the show I signed up for and it makes my soul feel gross.

Original Feelings Explosion Post
Listen I have a lot of emotions about this episode so far and no time to process them for a few days yet but I just gotta say: WHO THE FUCK INVITED LOGAN TO THE CLEMENTINE-RAISING PARTY.

Seriously...Jamie/Logan was one thing. But Logan getting to be the stand-in dad figure too?! NO. Co-parent Jackson or no one you savages!! Like, I was handling it when I assumed Logan was part of the post-Clementine-losing self destructive grief spiral...but really Jamie couldn't ignore that jackass for three years REALLY?! Like Mitch, I too don't know which part of the story I hate more. You cannot overestimate how much I dreamed of a world where Jackson and Jaime shared a house like siblings (OR MAYBE MORE) and did their best to fumble through raising her. It basically got me through the year, on the rare occasion I deignd t

We had a lot of good comments come outta that post, but the main thing I want to draw LJ's attention to is that someone reblogged it with "plot twist [Logan] is Clem's baby daddy" and I had what I think may be my very finest reaction ever.

Television Parents Council
Live Reaction Note: "Mitch is a testy bitch in this episode and I love him."

(I remember this being debated, but part of the reason I love his Testy Bitch self is what you see at the end of the episode. If he doesn't wrap himself in defensive anger, cling to it like a buoy, the pain of confronting everything he lost and missed will win.)

I really love Mitch's two seconds of happiness when he thinks Jamie raised Clem in her fancy penthouse and they ended up thick as theives. I am less fond of the reality that Max took her away when she turned 14, so the only solace I can take away, before I spiral into that "who TF invited Logan to this party" post we started with is "SWEET HALLELUJAH AT LEAST JAMIE GOT OVER THREE YEARS TO BOND WITH HER."

Also, Jamie is so absolutely the adult who gives the kids beer to "supervise" them. I still think it's hilarious that Mitch assumed any adult gave her a beer at 14, because don't most teenagers just have friends who come up with it? I mean, I couldn't even find alcohol on my college campus until I was old enough to buy it, so I am not the authority on this by any means, but that is the impression I get from books.

My point being, I like to think that even in the happy world where 2x12 is the series finale and they have a life together, this would still have happened and he and Jamie would have had more than one clash regarding Jamie blurring the line between parental authority and friend, and it would have sounded exactly like this, so...thanks Zoo, for accidentally fulfilling my Domestic AU interests in the weirdest possible way!

Awww @ Mitch's impatient little "hey" when Clem casts doubt on Jamie's ability to perform brain surgery with a power drill, and then uses that particular tone of voice to tell her it's going to be fine.

Awww @ Clem sticking up for Jamie's parenting skills.

You know what, just assume that I loved any and everything else that happened when these three were on screen.

Television Parents Council Pt. II
So we're three episodes in and I am really feeling like dramatic anguish is not Alyssa Diaz's strong suit in the acting department. It all feels kind of strained and forced? But hang on, I gotta go be way more outraged about her character's choices, as seen in this live reaction note:

"WHAT IN THE FRICKITING FRACK DARIELA WHAT THE FUCK. Is this* why you got divorced last time, 'cause I'm gonna have to assume it is seing's as we literally never got any other reasoning for that random-ass info drop last year and I keep waiting for an explanation."
*cheating on her husband
(and oh man, for the first time I am so glad it's these two who got the kid and not Mitch and Jamie, because can you imagine if I had to hear Jamie had cheated on Mitch with Logan and wrecked their relationship that bad? I would perform brain surgery on everyone with a power drill.) (nobody talk at me about the almost as distasteful thing that happened with them)

And that's not even her last horrible reveal of the episode*. What are you trying to do, run this character I miraculously chose to accept back ito the ground?
*selling out Clementine to rescue her own kid from a sketchy situation. I will make a lot of allowances for putting yourself and your family's comfort and safety over the needs of strangers, but this does not fall under that header.

But, um, other than that, Papa Lion Abe is intense and amazing and I thought the whole desperate chase-after-the-military-convoy aspect was really well done.

JKras and Emily Blunt's Alt Reality Doppelgangers (shhh just go with it)
Guess what I started shipping exactly two seconds before we went with the "slapping men across the face isn't domestic violence" trope on top of the "this one piece of information that is not about how you assaulted or killed someone in cold blood invalidates absolutely everything I love about you" trope. It's a two-fer of ship torpedoing.

(How do you say no to that face! Look how tragic and sad it is on top of its normal rugged handsomeness and love for helping people! Also, guess who is probably gonna quit shippin' it and throw the lady right back out the door if/when she returns and eliminates Jackson's need to talk to the people I care about. That's just how I do. The Chloe-shaped hole in my heart won't heal, it's weird.)

And then this episode ends with Jackson's face lighting up at the sight of Alive!Mitch and glomping on him in a hug, and I need to go sit in a corner for a while and weep at the beauty of my two faves being together in the same room again. I don't know if you remember this about me, but the splendid chemistry of Mitch & Jackson's Accidental Bonding is pretty much what got me through last season when my ships were being shot down left and right.

Yet More Thoughts
-Live viewing note: I am glad to see that Mitch has shaved the beard and subsequently restored his powers of snark to full glory. They must have been suffocating under that thing.

-I loved Clem's montage of practicing how to tell her dad she's pregnant. These are useful sound bites for alternate takes.

-Who even are you Abigail; your name and your hair make me want to get to know you but everything else (including my fandom girl-bros reacting to you with all the love they had for Logan last year and essentially forming a rousing chorus of "Don't need another You Part 2"), very much makes me want to not.


-Mitch's JAMIE WHAT THE FUCK reaction to her stabbing her prisoner through the hand was pretty amazing.

-In case you were wondering how appropriate for polite company my reaction to Jackson hotly threatening "I am gonna find you, and I am gonna stop you" is, the answer is "not very."

-Quick question: how did Mitch's sacrifice save the world, exactly? I'm fuzzy on this. I wasn't tracking plot very well after Mitch "died" last year, but I thought it was a very personal sacrifice meant to save Clem alone.

-Well. That ending sounds like a fun little sophie's choice of "death vs. memory loss." Looking forward to seeing what episode 12 or 13 does with that. (If you kill him again, all the protection of "reality" in the world won't save you from the worm dino vulture pack I will summon to come after you.)

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